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Are Your Customers Listening to You

JulieAnn Jones is one of my FAVORITE trainers – like you couldn’t tell, right?  Her most recent blog made my stop and think – I am doing that ALOT lately.  Scary, huh?

Do you hate pauses in conversations with potential customers, party guests, hostess, potential recruits and team members?  I don’t hate them, they just make me uncomfortable. I was thinking back to this past weekend’s vendor event and how many times I kept talking.  I know that I advocate the 10-second rule by Deb Bixler, but there are times when I just keep talking in the hopes that I can connect with the person.  Truth is, this is NOT the way to build long term customer relationships.  If the 10-second rule is not working for you, how about trying these exercises to be more aware of your conversational skills and develop your relationship marketing:

  • Always take a breath before speaking.  Breathing comes natural, right? So what happens when we concentrate on it?  I am going to try this and see if it gets me to slow down when talking to people.
  • Come from a place of service.  We all know this – focus on the customer and then share how you can meet THEIR needs.  When at a vendor event, there are several things that I have tried lately – greet everyone with a smile even if they continue to walk by my table or if they are walking by and make a quick stop, I ask “what caught their eye?”.
  • Be curious and ask questions.  Give and take is a great conversational tool.  It is also a good way to start building a relationship with potential customers.
  • Share without expectation.  Do you have expectations when you talk to people?  Is your goal a sale or a booking?  I find that I have the greatest success in building relationships with potential recruits and customers is by sharing tidbits of information.  I have lot of “stuff” in my head, I just need to learn how to share it in conversations without seeming like a know-it-all.
  • Leave them wanting more and be selective in your sharing.  Information overload hurts more than helps your business.  Give people just enough information that they will seek you out again.

As direct sellers, we are passionate about our products and as a result we may sometimes seem pushy.  If you are struggling with sales, bookings or recruiting – think about the reason.  Would you want to buy or party with someone who seems desperate or needy for the business.  Our customers know that our underlining goal is to book, sell and recruit so why not build a relationship with them for long lasting business and customer satisfaction.  Have fun with your business and your passion will shine through.

What is your best tip for building customer relations?  Feel free to share them with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day.


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