Hope Wissel

The World of MAC

During my Belinda’s years in pageants, I thought MAC was just makeup.  I mean that is what she used for the dramatic effects on the stage.  I have to laugh because that is still what my first thought is when I hear the word MAC.

They say “once you go MAC, you never go back”….well, I am about to find out.  Hubby just gave me a MAC Pro – he is the BEST!  It all started because his computer was acting up.  As he does with most things, he spent hours researching PC versus MAC.  Belinda had told me (and him) a long time ago that MACs were better but he needed to find out for himself.  So, he came home 2 weeks ago from work and said “I ordered a Mac”.  He suggested that we share the computer since he doesn’t use the computer that often.  Okay, for anyone that knows us – this is NOT going to work.  Rob does not do much but read, watch movies and check out the news online PLUS he is totally against social media.  I am becoming a Social Media NUT!

The MAC arrives and he buys a book to learn how to use it.  After about 1 week, he says “this is not really for me – it is better for you”.  I was blessed to earn a FREE Best Buy gift card from Thirty One so I was just going to buy an IPAD to go along with HIS MAC. I didn’t want to buy a MAC until my business could afford it.  Then he came home from work late last week and told me he ordered a NEW PC for him because it fits his needs better.  The new PC arrived TODAY!  My first question was “does this mean I get the MAC today?”.  YEAH!!!!  A side note to all of this, we have now determined that it was not the computer it is the wireless router that needs to be replaced due to old age.  I mean the router must be at least 10 years old, that probably should have been our first thought instead of the last one.

So, I am sitting here writing my blog on the new MAC.  I LOVE IT!!!!  It will take a little while to learn how to use it but I am excited about all of the things that I will be able to do with a new MAC versus a refurbished PC.  Stay tuned, I might even do a video blog when I get over my dislike of having pictures taken of myself.  Now to work on re-doing my office.

Are you a MAC or a PC person?  What is your best tips for using your MAC?  Share your thoughts and ideas.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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