Hope Wissel

The Business Lesson from Sandy

One year ago today, we were waking up to the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy.  For some their lives had been changed forever losing their home and all of their possessions.  For others, it was a week of inconveniences – no electric, gas lines, etc.  We were blessed in our home to ONLY be without electric for 7 days.  We still had gas so I could cook on the stove.  We had cars full of gas so I was able to charge my phone in the car and drive to the store.  Hubby is a planner so we were ready.   I may never complain again about the piles of batteries or the battery operated radio that take up space on our shelves.  As a hospital employee, Rob spent endless hours working and I took advantage of our close proximity to charge my phone, use their WiFi and network.  Yes, I said network!  Sitting at the hospital coffee shop with my laptop all inside my Thirty One bags allowed me to share how easy it was for us to “get out” if we needed to leave our home.  I was amazed at how many people were truly grateful for their water resistant Thirty One bags.

As I look back, it was a time when we returned to the simple things in life.  For many there was no cell phone connection, or internet so we actually had to talk to family and friends.  Families played games, read books and found ways to connect without technology.  A year later, some are still not back in their homes and are still dealing with the heartache of their loss.  For many of us, life went back to normal.  We are back to depending on cellphones and internet along with television and video games for entertainment.  We have moved on wondering how we survived for a week without technology.

As an entrepreneur/business owner, that was a particularly difficult time as well as the many months following the devastation to our area.  I mean how do you talk to people about booking parties, buying solution sets and thinking about the holidays when some don’t have a home.  This was a great opportunity to build relationships.  Wear your company tee-shirt and help out.  Volunteer and donate items to those in need or to organizations helping those in need.  Fundraising was HUGE and this was a great way to give back to the community while at the same time connecting with potential customers and recruits.  Please do not send me “nasty mail” for this was not the reason that I did what I did in the days following Sandy. Hindsight lets you see how things happen and your business begins to grow from those connections.

The lessons that we learned during that week about kindness and compassion should be carried through in our business everyday.  Find a cause that you are passionate about, volunteer your time without expectations or make a donation to help their fundraising efforts.  When we give, we are also blessed and will see the gifts (not necessarily material) that come back to you.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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