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Time Management

Does this word make you shake with fear?  Does it make you want to run out of your office screaming?  I always thought that I was good with time management.  The busier that I was the more that I seemed to get done in any given day.  Then, my daughter left for college, I left my full-time job & a crazy commute and began working for myself.  Seems like time management would be an easy thing, right?  No more juggling schedules to make sure that everything got done.  Okay, you can stop laughing.  The more time that I have, the less that I seem to get done during the week.  Crazy, right?

Last week, I met with my Thirty One accountability partner to set goals for the upcoming week.  I am great at setting the goals, awful about writing them down and then even worse at getting everything accomplished on my goal list.  So, we both agreed that time management was the source of our problem or should I say the lack of time management.  I calendar block for my business so that I know when I am available to book parties – easy.  I know that I don’t plan anything on Monday and Tuesday because it is hubby’s day off.  Seems like the rest of the time would be relatively easy to juggle.  Like I said, the more time the less time management.  I went on a hunt for some ideas and found an article from that talked about 6 thing that REALLY PRODUCTIVE people do.  I figured it was worth checking out…

1.  Pick your priorities.  This seems logical then it said “focus on spending time on things that for you is fun and productive”.   Somehow the two don’t always go together for me.  What about you?

2.  Go for Efficiency.  WOW!  If I knew how to do that wouldn’t I be better at time management?  Their suggestion – Live your life by design, not default.

3.  Integrate Your Activities.  I can do this one but I am not so sure that my family and friends are totally on board with this.  I think once in awhile they would love to hear something out of my mouth that is NOT Thirty One related.

4.  Actively Manage Time-wasters.  Again, if I knew how to do this – I could budget my time.  I have tried not going on social media (my biggest time sucker) until I am done with other things but then I have a party task that is part of social media.  Can you hear the vacuum sucking me in?  Is it only me that has this black hole in their computer?

5.  Be an Active Learner.  I LOVE to learn new tools but I seem to have a problem implementing them or knowing what is going to help me free up some time in my day.

6.  Lighten UP!  “The world won’t come to an end” just because you left a few things undone.  No, but my business may be on shaky ground if I don’t learn to do steps 1 – 5.

As a direct sales consultant, I have a MILLION reasons why I am not good at time management.  I have tried lists with some success but then I forget to write everything down on the list.  I have tried alerts so that I remember to do things – easy to ignore or dismiss. I am still searching for the system that will help me to be more productive – working smarter AND NOT harder.

henry-vacuum-cleanerDo you have any tips that you can share before the vacuum sucks me in?  I would love to hear your suggestions.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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