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Can You Sell

Over the last week, I have heard this from several potential recruits “I am not good at selling but I LOVE your product and want it all”.  If you are in direct sales, I know that you have heard this too.  The term “direct sales” has our thoughts turned to being that pushy sales person who keeps calling, emailing or showing up where ever you are to talk about their product, right?

What if we were to think about selling differently.  I read an article from PJ Van Hulle from Real Prosperity who is a trainer and an author.  For most people, selling is uncomfortable but the truth is that selling is a part of your life EVERYDAY.  You sell your ideas when you are looking for a job, encouraging your child to do homework, planning a family trip or starting a new project.  You sell your ideas and inspire others to participate.  WOW!  So why is it that at work, we think of selling as being a pushy sales person but at home (with family and friends) we truly believe that we are sharing valuable information and ideas.  PJ gives 5 steps to making this transition so that sales become part of your every day life.

1.  Confidence is Key.  Do I believe in the value of my products or services? Do I believe in myself?  The answer to the first question was a resounding YES for me.  The second one is the one that I have to practice and work on.  When I show confidence, my sales are definitely different then when I appear nervous or unsure.

2.  Target the Right Clients (or potential clients).  Did you know that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients?  That is Pareto’s Principle and when applied to your business you will see changes.  I am not totally convinced that this works in my direct sales business since Thirty One products are durable and long lasting.  You need to find your niche which is what I am working on right now.  Moms with kids, professional women, semi-retired who want to look stylish – we have products to fit all of them, so what is a girl to do?

3.  Build Strong Relationships.  I like this quote “The stronger your network, the stronger your net-worth”.  I talk ALOT about networking but building your business is all about building strong relationships.

4.  Learn to Serve.  Be a giver – okay, according to hubby I tend to give away the store.  I give without expectation of anything in return.  Donations to local schools to help fundraising efforts, non-profits looking to raise discretionary funds – are all opportunities.  As Zig Ziglar would say “the best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want”.

5.  Add Genuine Value.  Make your customers, potential customers, hostess feel special and unique.  LISTEN when they are talking.  I take  notes because I have definite “senior moments” so I don’t remember things.  I note their favorite products, prints, etc so that when I am talking to them or have a gift to present to them, it fits them.

So, selling is not about being a pushy sales person.  It is NOT about hounding people to purchase something.  It is about building relationships with new potential customers. Step out of your comfort zone and your preconceived notion of what direct sales is – give it a try! What have you got to loose?  I tell my recruits – we all started with a $99 kit, some make extra income, some go on to leadership while others just walk away with $300 in product that they love.  Which will you be?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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