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Customers Gone Missing

Over the last almost three years of selling Thirty One, I have had customers gone missing or that stopped buying from me. I am sure that I am not alone in this.  As the holiday season is upon us, we may make those feeble attempts to reach out to past customers and hostess but to no avail.  Messages left, no return call.  Emails sent, no reply.  Facebook postings, blocked, deleted or no response.  Has this happened to you – customers just quit buying from you without any particular reason?

The truth is there is a reason….you may not want to hear it…indifference!  Okay, I know you are saying – I call, I text, blah, blah, blah.  Our company sends the monthly newsletters to alert our customers about the specials.  If we are honest with ourselves, have we really kept in touch with our customers?  I don’t mean those calls to BOOK, SELL, RECRUIT.  I mean just a call to check in – do you like the product, thank you, happy birthday, whatever the reason to call, text or email.

Tammy Stanley, who I had the pleasure of hearing at Thirty One’s National Conference  definitely got me to thinking but I am not sure that I really ACTED on what I learned.  Have you ever done that?  Statistics show that 55% of our customers take their business elsewhere because WE, as direct sellers, show no interest in keeping them around.  I have talked often about the importance of follow-up but if this statistic doesn’t convince you, nothing will.  Picking up the phone for some is the hardest thing to do but it is one of the MOST important things that we can do as direct sellers.

Have you been at an event and offered to put someone on your mailing list, then never followed through?  Have you told someone that you would contact them about a special or a product they were interested in, then didn’t?  Have LOTS of leads from an event, never called those who showed the slightest interest in the opportunity – party or business?  I know some direct sellers who are AMAZING at this, they have awesome systems and a structure to their follow-up.  These consultants I am sure are not loosing customers.  Unfortunately, I am afraid that I am one of those that may be loosing a few customers because of this exact thing.  Finding a system that works for me seems to be the issue or is it just an excuse to avoid doing some of those things that I don’t like doing?

So, what about you – are you loosing customers?  Or, are you one of those AWESOME direct sellers that has a system that keeps you connected?  Share your struggles and your successes!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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