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Did You Say Blinders or Binders

I was looking for systems – you know that endless search for just the right business system that will work for you when I came across an article by Jason Dorsey called “Got Blinders On?”  At a quick glance (remember, I am old!) I thought it said “Got BINDERS On?” so I was curious.

This short but to the point article talked about the “assumptions” that we have come to believe in our businesses.  As I am gearing up for earning Thirty One’s Leadership trip, I wanted to find out what I could do to STOP these assumptions.  You know what they say about the word “ASSUME” – you make an A$$ out of you and Me.

#1 Assumption – Customers are loyal!  WRONG!!!!  I see it at every vendor event and party – customers will switch loyalties to whoever offers the best deal.  Many of my potential customers are surprised when my first question, especially when they are already using our products, is “do you have a regular consultant?”.  That usually leads to a story about how they got the bag that they are carrying (gift, party, etc).  If they do not have a regular customer, I am happy to help them.  If they do, I recommend that they contact their consultant directly about the current special, etc.  Many people are surprised that I would take this approach but as a Thirty One consultant (and Director) I do NOT want to steal customers and I would hope that other consultants would do the same.  My goal is to build relationships with my customers and hostess so that they will want to continually buy from me.

#2 Assumption – Employees should think like their owners.  Actually, in direct sales ALL consultants should think like OWNERS, not necessarily their sponsor or up-line but as owners of their own business.  I am happy to share all the information that I have tucked away in my brain but it is up to each member on my team to build their OWN business based on their own talents and skills.

#3 Assumption – Competitors think the same way you do.  In direct sales, there are many companies with similar products so what is going to make Thirty One stand out from the crowd?  The quality of our products, we have fun, fashionable and affordable products, the ability to personalize products, the one-on-one attention that each consultant gives to their customers. I am sure you are thinking that ALL direct sales companies do this right?  How many companies have “jumped” on the bag bandwagon or created another “line” just to increase their sales or take customers from another company?

Stand out from the crowd and offer YOUR customers an AMAZING buying experience that will keep them coming back.  Don’t “assume” that they will stay loyal, give them a reason to be loyal to you and your company’s products.  Off to look for some SYSTEMS since this article was NOT about binders.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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