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Road Trip

WOOHOO!  As you read this, I am getting ready to leave on a ROAD TRIP to Floyd, VA.  Wondering what it is in Floyd?  My AMAZING Thirty One Sponsor/Director/NED, Hope Shortt.  Hope is hosting an Upper Level Leadership Retreat from Friday through Sunday.  Directors of the Beacon of Hope team have been invited to attend on Friday to be a part of a training conducted by Shari Hudspeth.  I am SOOOO excited!!!  In addition to this being my FIRST retreat with the Beacon of Hope, I get to travel with another AMAZING Director – Luana Feitshans.

Luana and I walked the stage at National Conference for our promotion to Director.  It was overwhelming and exciting all rolled up together. Luana is poised, well-spoken, energetic and an amazing leader.  Now, we will have the opportunity to travel 4 hours together – talking, sharing & getting to know each other.  This is another step out of my comfort zone in an effort to GROW my business.  FEAR has kept me from moving forward – fear of what people will think, fear of how I will measure up, fear of success, should I go on?

Over the last week or so, I have received many compliments from previous hostess about how positive an experience it was hosting a party with me.  I was in shock!!!  I actually shared with a hostess who has become a friend that I never saw myself like that.  I always considered my parties as average – as in most things, I am my own worst enemy or critic.  Shari Hudspeth’s company “Average to Excellence” has helped Directors grow their business and promote to Senior Executive Director in 18 months.  Do I think I can do it?  Honestly, NO!  Do I DREAM BIG? Yes!  I am hoping that this training with Upper Level Leadership will help me to squelch Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie.

I am going to this training with an open mind, an open heart and the desire to follow direction – no matter how far out of my comfort zone I have to step to achieve my goals.  In the past, I have attended trainings and found a million reasons as to why I couldn’t implement the suggestions.  This time will be be different – I am ready to change so that I can not only grow my business but can be a good leader for her time.

I will be blogging about the experience when I get back so stay tuned…

Have a ThirtyOne -derful day!


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