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Tis the Season for Referrals

From Halloween through Christmas is the busiest selling season for most businesses and direct sellers are no exception.  Statistics show that 70% of our business is done during this hectic time of year.  In fact, this is the PERFECT time to ASK for referrals from your customers and hostess.  Our business is all about building relationships, right?

Here are some tips from Direct Sales Education Foundation on getting referrals:

  • ASK!!!  Seems simple enough, right?  How often do you ask for referrals?  I know for a fact that I don’t directly ask people for referrals – I offer information in the hopes that they will share it.  Usually, it is just a general offer at a party seeking referrals for new recruits.  WRONG ANSWER!  I need to learn to ask specific questions like “Do you know anyone who might like to earn some extra money” or “Do you know anyone who could use our totes or organizational products?”  Do you ask specific questions or are you a general type person?
  • Help Others.  This has actually worked the best for me.  I am a “connector” by nature so I LOVE to connect people with resources or businesses that are mutually beneficial.  As a result, I have received referrals from grateful friends, family, customers and hostess.
  • Build Strong Relationships.  This is the basis of a direct sales business.  Honestly, I struggle with this some times but my goal is to provide my customers with a personal touch to their shopping in the hopes that they will trust referring customers to me.
  • Set a Precise Goal for Yourself.  I am good at goal setting in general and about 75% of the time, I reach those goals.  Setting goals for referrals was never something that I thought about.
  • Send out holiday cards.  There is still time to do this.  I am SERIOUSLY considering doing this to my hostess and my top customers.  Remember that people display their holiday cards so make it special.  Time to go on the hunt for some GREAT holiday cards or design some at Vista print…..
  • Offer rewards.  I offered a Frequent Buyer card to my customers for the first time this year.  I am not sure that it really got me any more business.  At parties when I share the Thirty One opportunity, I also offer a $25 VISA gift card to anyone who refers someone to my team.  I like the idea of a Thank you card with a lottery ticket in it – something different.  Reminds me I need to send one out this week.

If you refer someone to me, please make sure that they mention you or my blog!  Who knows what surprise you might find in the mail.  What are your creative ways for acquiring referrals?  We would love to hear them…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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