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Dream or Faith

Relax, recharge and reflect – Happy Sunday!  I heard Jack Redman from 4th Generation on Star 99.1 the other morning which got me to thinking – yes, I do this ALOT especially when I am driving, which is ALOT!

A DREAM is when you see something that doesn’t exist.  I DREAM BIG in my business and my personal life but I have to admit it is with hesitation.  No hate mail, please.  I second guess things all the time which leads me to FAITH.  FAITH is believing in things that you can not see.  I know that I have talked about this before but I think this is a new take on an old theme.

Some days, do you feel like you are a hamster on a wheel?  Running and running, doing the same thing day after day, the same way – expecting different results.  We dream of how we would like things to be but usually we continue to do things the same way – getting the same results and only occasionally reaching our DREAMS!  God has dreams for us – he has a plan and despite our best efforts to do things our way, he will prevail.  Honestly, I am not sure what direction this blog was or is taking supposed to take.

My ultimate professional DREAM is to be able to mentor women connecting them with the resources necessary to help them dream and reach their personal, professional and financial goals.  This could be through my Thirty One business, my blog or maybe there is something else God has in mind for me.  I thought I had reached my dream when I was at Bethel, working with an underserved population in a community that was a challenge yet open to suggestions.  Then I left for health reasons. Along comes the opportunity for Thirty One Leadership – a chance to work with women and DREAM BIG. I dream but lack Faith – not a good combination.  Financially, my dream is to have financial freedom for myself, my hubby and my daughter.  Again, my Faith is a little shaky.  I have heard if you CLAIM IT, it will be yours.  Why do I struggle with this concept?  A blog challenge brought more opportunities but Doubtful Debbie and Negative Nellie came for a visit so again faith in on shaky ground.

So, do you have dreams?  Is your FAITH strong enough to help you reach those dreams?  TRUST and BELIEVE that God’s plan will help you reach your DREAM as long as you have FAITH in what you can not see.  I hope that this was blog strikes a nerve with someone and has helped you.  As for me, I am continuing to DREAM BIG, those Super Size DREAMS where my FAITH stands firm in God’s promise.

Any good words of wisdom on how to get off the hamster wheel and lean on FAITH to reach my DREAMS?


Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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