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To Call or Not to Call

My road trip this past week was AMAZING!  Not only did I get to spend time with leaders from who are part of my Thirty One upline, I got to know another Thirty One sister, Luana AND learn some mind altering things from Shari Hudspeth about growing my business.  The trip to Floyd, VA was fun and full of laughter but I have to tell you the training was riveting.

For anyone in direct sales, we have heard FOREVER that you need to pick up the phone and make calls. Get over your fear, doubt, hesitation and just DO IT!  Shari says “that is not the way to get bookings”.  Now, I don’t mean you should stop making those customer care  calls where you make sure that everything arrived as it was ordered or simply ask them if they like their product – I mean those dreaded warm calls to get them to book a party.  I mean, let’s be honest, how many of us actually book parties from these calls.  I know that I can’t be the only one that doesn’t, right?

In today’s changing market, there are 4 ways that booking parties can be done (besides at the ideal spot –  at a party) in order of booking success:

  1. Facebook
  2. Text message to those who expressed interest
  3. Email – blast information about a FUN, FAST, EASY Girl’s Night Out Party and then follow-up with phone calls.
  4. Phone

While most of us get voice mail when we call our customers or a potential hostess, it is often difficult to think of a quick, catchy message that will get them to call back.   On the other hand, 95% of text messages, regardless of the message get answered within 15 minutes.  Many direct sales companies, like Thirty One, has Policies and Guidelines about soliciting business on Facebook but there is always chat, messaging and leaving fun pictures with clever captions to entice people to book a party with you.   According to Shari, we are actually setting our team up for failure when we push the “warm” call solicitation.  WOW!   Most people don’t answer their phone to numbers they don’t know or “think” they know what the call is about so why stumble over the message.  Why not just make a Customer Care call, leave a message that pertains ONLY to their current order and be done?

The phone is NOT totally off limits but it should be used to make those calls that will grow your business and set you apart from other direct sales consultants.  There are going to be two responses to this blog:

  1. She is CRAZY and her business is going to fall apart.
  2. THANK YOU! Now I can work on things that I like and where I get business instead of stressing over calling those warm leads that quickly turn cold.

I know an energetic Mary Kay consultant, Katlyn Reid,  who has built a LARGE part of her business using social media – particularly Facebook.  I am in awe at the growth of her business each month so it does work.

This was my first of many AHA moments during this 8 hour training.  Yes, I have heard this before but Shari put it in such a way that it made sense.  Let me know what you are thinking when it comes to the phone!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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