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Facebook Etiquette

It hardly seems possible that it has been a week since I traveled to Virginia to hear Shari Hudspeth’s Average to Excellence training.  I am trying out some new party ideas tonight so I will be excited to see the results of planting the booking and recruiting seeds.

I have talked about business versus personal Facebook pages but Shari made me re-think this after sharing her Do and Don’t list.  No, I am not going to get rid of my business page but I am not going to fool myself into thinking that it is actually going to increase interest in my business.  It really isn’t a way for people to get to know ME!

facebook don't facebook do

The screens may be a little hard to read so here are the Facebook Do‘s:

  • Be genuinely interested in others
  • Be helpful, give information and bring positive energy to conversations (Get on “The Energy Bus”)
  • Share success stories and tips
  • Treat everyone with courtesy and respect
  • Be confident (I like to share my struggles too – just means I am human)
  • Set time limits (20 minutes AM/20 minutes PM for just networking)
  • Think before posting (Check spelling & grammar too. Remember this could be their first impression of you)
  • Only communicate when competent (Means don’t drink several glasses of wine and then post)

How about some Facebook Don’ts:

  • Engage in political, controversial or religious topics
  • Post things that you wouldn’t want your co-workers or kids to see
  • Tag people in pictures that are questionable
  • Never use swear words
  • Post when you are angry (or had several glasses of wine)
  • Get involved in games (As I used to say “no baby mama drama”)
  • Misspell or poor grammar (Remember think & check before posting)
  • Try to sell products or services.  SHARE information, the sales will come

All of this being said, my personal Facebook page will probably get a few more postings that are a combination of personal and business.  Yes, I may actually have to get in some of the pictures.  The posting ratio is 10 general posts to 1 business post (something clever and fun).  Another tip is to change your profile picture often.  Any idea why?  Each time you post a picture (or change your profile or cover) it comes up in the news feed for friends, family, etc.  You stay in front of them so that when they are thinking about making a purchase – they think of YOU!  People generally want to be part of something that is successful but they can’t know how successful you are unless you share it.  That doesn’t mean BRAG about it to impress people what it means is share with people so that they know what the possibilities can be.  DREAM BIG!

What are your tips for successful networking on Facebook?  I would love to hear from you.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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