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Dreams do come true and a $99 Enrollment kit continues to change my life…

Over the last 7 weeks Thirty One consultants across the country have been earning product incentives from Home Office for simply having $300 in personal volume each week.  Those who earned all 7 weeks, earned a Consistency Incentive.  If you were blessed to have a total of $3,500 in sales you earned a Top Seller Suite Success Tote.  Many on my team, the Rays of HOPE, earned at least one of the incentives with some rock stars earning all of them including the Top Seller.  I am a Director/ Leader with Thirty One but I am also a consultant who works my business in the same way that I encourage my team to work their business.

My Director, the AMAZING Hope Shortt, offered her GenO an additional incentive, unknown to most of my team.  The challenge was to earn ALL 7 weeks of the incentive PLUS have 1 NEW recruit.  The prize was to be placed in a drawing to win a “girls weekend” with Hope Shortt at MY HOUSE!  OMG!!!  It was something that I could only dream of – Doubtful Debbie kept knocking on the door to tell me that it wasn’t possible but I slammed the door knowing that DREAMS can come true.  Earning all 7 weeks of FREE product was AMAZING!  Of course the commission was GREAT!  The true bonus was being the 1 of 5 to be in the drawing for this INCREDIBLE weekend with Hope.  I guess you can see where this is going, right?  Today was the drawing and I tried VERY hard not to even imagine that I could win.  I was afraid that I would jinx it!  When I got the first Facebook post that the drawing was coming up, I was headed home from the grocery store.  I wanted to keep checking to see what the result would be but I was afraid that I would jinx it.  God had a plan only I didn’t know it….

The first Facebook came through saying “congrats” and I was ready to just send my best wishes to the winner when I saw my name!  I started to shake and cry “OMG!”.  Of course, my hubby thinks I am totally crazy but I pulled up the video that Hope posted with the actually drawing and had him watch.  Then the tears started to flow… I had WON!  God continues to bless me even when I don’t think that I deserve it.

So, I will be getting a chance to spend time with Hope in BRICK, NJ.  She said that I could make the agenda – where do I start?  Organize my office?  Hang out?  Share her with my team?  Sit up all night talking – picking her brain so I can learn everything I can to grow my business?  I will keep everyone posted on when this amazing weekend will be – including pictures and memories that words will never be able to explain.

It all started with a $99 kit and wanting to “try” this direct sales thing.  Little did I know that God had a plan for me and my business.  Thank you Cindy Monroe for your vision.  Thank you Hope Shortt for your patience and understanding as I muddled through the first year.  Your encouragement, love and support has meant more to me then you will ever know.

If you want to see what this $99 kit can do for your life – check it out….

Have a ThirtyOne -derful day!

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