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Monsters University

monsters university

The other night I spent an fun filled evening with some friends from the Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms (ETTM) just having some girl time. Yes, there were some kids there but they were off playing in the other room together.  We snacked on Dove Chocolate fondue courtesy of Amy Rundbaken and watched “Monsters University“.

Yes, it is a Disney movie.  Yes, it is geared to kids and done so adults can enjoy as well.  With the help of my ETTM friends, I looked at this movie so different then I would have in the past.  If you have children and saw “Monsters Inc” this will make sense.  If you don’t have children, watch the movie and see if you agree with me.

The story shows how Mike and Sully first met back at Monsters University long before they were employees at Monsters Ine.  Throughout the course of the movie, Mike is told that he will never make it at Scream Academy even though that is his dream.  Sully on the other hand is from a family of screamers and just expected to be accepted into the Academy.  Each experience different obstacles during the course of the movie until they TEAM up to work TOGETHER to reach their common goal.  Mike never let go of his dream even when there seemed to be no hope of reaching it, he didn’t give up – he kept coming up with different paths in the hopes that he would obtain his goal.  I am sure you can guess that both Sully and Mike reached their goals since there was a prequel called Monsters Inc.

TEAM WORK!  Dream BIG!  Reaching for the stars and never giving up!  I know that I have fallen victim to Doubtful Debbie or Negative Nellie and wondered if it was time to give up.  I am sure that I am not the only one out there, right?  Setting your goal, dreaming big and then reaching for it with everything that you have is what this movie reminded me.  My dream is to have the self-confidence and the title of Senior Executive Director with Thirty One.  A BIG dream that is shaken at times when obstacles come up – cancelled parties, lack of recruits, low team sales, etc.  But for me, self-confidence and dreaming big go hand and hand so I need to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back to work.

Take some time to watch the movie and then what is your BIG dream?  Have you put it on hold?  Do you dream and then decide that it isn’t possible so you have already set yourself up for defeat?  Find a mentor, a coach, a friend who is willing to walk with you (maybe even has the same kind of dream) and work together to reach that goal.  You will BOTH be WINNERS!

Share your BIG DREAM with us… once a goal is on paper you will commit to it.  I look forward to seeing you in the stars as we all DREAM BIG and SUCCEED!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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