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Home Party and A First Date


My sponsor, Hope Shortt posted this and I thought it was a wonderful way to explain hostess coaching.

Think about the home party like it’s a first date.

If someone asked you out on a date for three weeks from now and you said yes, then went through the next three weeks without hearing a PEEP out of that person, would you really expect them to show up for your date?

And if they DID show up, would you REALLY be dressed for your date? Makeup on? Hair fixed? New shoes? Perfume? Of course you wouldn’t! Because you have no idea WHAT to wear, do you? Because you don’t even know if you still have a date, let alone where you’re going!

You haven’t put any effort into your date because you don’t even think you’re going to see this person show up on date night! You aren’t going to go all out because you expect you’re going to be stood up! You aren’t going to tell all your friends that you’re going out on this date because it would be SO EMBARRASSING if you did and then your date never came to pick you up!

If you aren’t hostess coaching between the time you “set the date” and “date night”, what results SHOULD you expect from your hostess? Think about it!

I prepare for my parties each week – reviewing the party script (yes, I said script), picking the products that I am going to take and even figuring out what I am going to wear.  Don’t you want your hostess to take the same time and effort getting ready for the party?  The more guests, the bigger the party – the more FREE product she receives and the happier she is which means more bookings.  Aren’t we a party plan business?  So, what are your steps for getting ready for “date night”?  For me it starts the day after I book the party:
  1. A handwritten thank you note to the new hostess via snail mail.  I mean who doesn’t like getting “happy mail”.
  2. Auto email is set-up so that in addition to my calls, the hostess gets emails that keep her informed and excited about her party. A total of 3 emails during the 30 -day period
  3. A phone call about 3 days after the party is booked to confirm date, the need for a guest list and talk about the products that SHE wants.
  4. A reminder call/email/text the day before the guest list is due
  5. A call/email/text when the invitations (snail mail, email or text) are sent out.
  6. 7 days prior to encourage outside orders see how the attendance is going.  Talk about monthly specials and again HER goal for FREE and discounted items.
  7. 2 days before the party: confirm the final count, arrival time, party close out date, etc.
  8. DATE NIGHT – arrive on time, focus on the hostess and helping her to get ready to enjoy a Girl’s Night Out.

What does your hostess coaching look like?  Share your best tips with us.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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