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“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9, NIV)

On this Sunday, I am reflecting on the blessings of the past week.  I have talked about dreaming big, fears and  comfort zones knowing that despite all of my hesitations, God has a plan.

Through my early years, I learned to dream big and always set my sights on things that were way beyond my grasp.  In High School, a series of events shook my confidence and changed my life – I become fearful, lacking real dreams that made me want to excel – I just wanted to hang in the shadows of others.  I lost confidence and began to settle for things that were attainable.  Even as my success in the business world grew, I had doubts and fears.  I know you are thinking – we all do.  Mine lead me on a path of self-destruction that only the grace of God could save me from.  Again success came knocking and I learned to humbly accept the praise though still doubting when the next shoe would fall and my world would again crumble.  BIG dreams still seemed unattainable and again, I played things safe.

I have to admit, I continued to do this in the beginning with Thirty One.  Coming close to achieving a goal but then falling short because of fear and doubt.  A HUGE transforming moment came when I traveled to an Upper Leadership Retreat two weeks ago.  Stepping out of my comfort zone to meet up with another leader who I barely knew, rooming with her and sharing my strengths, hopes and experiences was just the beginning of the transformation that God had in place for me that week.  As I sat and listened to the Shari Hudspeth and talking with other leaders on our team, a new sense of self arose.  I am beginning to see a glimpse of the person that others see – the leader, the blogger, the one who can achieve her goals and reach her dreams.  If someone had told me, even 10 years ago, that I would be blogging for others to read, speaking in front of small groups sharing the gift of Thirty One and being a leader with a growing team of consultants…. I would have told them they were CRAZY!  I hated public speaking.  I won’t say that fear is totally gone but I have definitely learned to overcome the butterflies I get before each party.

In the words of an ibelieve.com blogger: Our dreams are always too small when compared to the magnificent dreams God has planned for ME (His girls). While God has probably not called you to save an entire nation from destruction, He has called you to be a woman He can use. Missionary Amy Carmichael wrote, “Often his call is to follow in paths we would not have chosen.”

I am definitely on a path that I may not have chosen but I will follow where God leads me.  Take a moment to reflect on your week – the good, the bad and maybe even the ugly.  Set your sights on your goal and ask God for guidance.  Remember that his time may not be the same as our time…PATIENCE.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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