Hope Wissel

Black Friday

pink black friday

So, how many of you are scouring the sale ads to figure out where you will be shopping this morning?  This year, I am working at WaWa so I will be able to watch the craziness from the sidelines as the roads clog with morning shoppers.

Black Friday has an array of memories.  It has been about 9 years since Black Friday took on a different meaning for our family.  Mom was heading to work in the early hours of Black Friday.  A driver who was talking on the phone and not paying attention, hit her head on.  The phone rang about 9AM, to the news that mom was at the trauma unit in Atlantic City.  The next several days were a blur filled with surgery, doctors and anger.  That is when the dangers of cell phone use became real for us.  The following months were filled with hospital visits, rehab and then home for all of us to take turns helping out during the long recovery process.  I was grateful that mom survived and today you can hardly tell the severity of her injuries.

Last year, Black Friday was filled with late night shopping with Belinda and Ashley.  It was fun spending time with the girls while we scoured the shelves for great deals.  Trimming the Christmas tree like we did when Belinda was little on Thanksgiving weekend topped the events while we shared stories related to each of the holiday ornaments.

This year, Black Friday will be PINK with Thirty One.  Specials galore on my VIP Customer page along with unannounced specials at my events over the weekend.  Come visit me at the Avon Municipal Building on Saturday and then on Sunday, Pickers Warehouse in South Toms River.

Best wishes for a safe and fun day filled with memories to last a lifetime.  What are you favorite Black Friday memories?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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