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Linked In or Out

On my quest to expand my social media skills, I have decided that my next “conquest” will be LinkedIn.  I know you are all probably asking yourself “why” or “what is the big deal” but for me it is a conscious decision to expand my network of contacts in a professional business arena.  I tried Twitter but I just could not commit to the constant tweeting or limit the amount of  words or characters.

So, having already taken a class with fellow ETTM members, I figured it was time to put my foot to the pavement and take ACTION!  How funny that just about the same time I make this decision, I received a link for an article from about the “3 Ways you Might be Screwing Up Your Linked In Account” so I figured I might as well check it out…

Mistake 1: Having an unprofessional or awkward profile picture. Or not having one at all.  Thankfully, I have a semi-professional picture on my LinkedIn profile page.   It was taken at an ETTM conference but with the specific purpose of using it for my social media pages.  Not my best picture but it definitely looks more professional than the last cropped picture.  What about you – do you have one?  If you want to BRAND yourself, you need to have a picture where you look friend and approachable.

Mistake 2: Not having any recommendations.  To me recommendations and endorsements can be synonimous.  You want to have people vouch for your skills, and with no recommendations and /or endorsements, it appears to the general public that no one will vouch for your experience, skill sets or specialities.  I have very few actual recommendations but I am gathering endorsements which I think are just as good – what do you think?

Mistake 3: Not adding live links to your work history.  WOW!  I would have never thought of this.  I mean I do have links to my blog, and my Thirty One website but I never thought about including other links.  This article points out that links give creditability to the things that you say you have done including that you did them well.  This brings up a tough decision for me since I am really not interested in going back into my old career (COO of a non-profit or grant writing).  Do I include this work, or leave it out?  The vote is still out on this…

What have I learned?  My profit on LinkedIn isn’t bad – not jump off the page, call me today kind stuff but passable.  Do I want it to have a WOW factor? Of course, who doesn’t, right?  So, I will continue to post my blog on LinkedIn as well as daily “Brighteners” that bring encouragement to others.  I WILL NOT post sales brochures but I will share the benefits of our Thirty One products that may help someone.

If you are active on LinkedIn, what is your best tip? Share it with us so we can all expand out networks in an effort to grow our businesses.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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