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Spring is Popping at Thirty One

Can you feel the excitement?  Are you hearing a dull roar coming from a local movie theater?  If you do, don’t panic – it is just the SPRING PREMIERE for Thirty One.  I know, you are thinking – spring NOW, Christmas isn’t even here yet!!!!  Thirty One consultants all over US and Canada will be flocking to local theaters to attend this “red carpet” event.

According to Thirty One’s Home Office, Spring 2014 is going live on Saturday, December 21! That means the last day to order from the Fall 2013 Catalog is Friday, December 20. All orders placed from the Spring Catalog December 21 – January 2 will begin shipping January 3. We made the decision to launch spring earlier than planned, for a few reasons.

  • We want to give our Home Office employees, who work so hard to complete seasonal changeover, time at the holidays to spend with their families.
  • Moving spring up also gives you a great opportunity to get bookings and start 2014 off strong. Share the new Catalog with family and friends you’ll see over the holidays.

The excitement generated at today’s event will help many consultants (including myself) rid themselves of Vacation Veronica, cutting her visit short.  Have you every thought about becoming a Thirty One consultant?  Why not join in the fun and give yourself the “gift of opportunity? Join NOW and you will get the NEW Enrollment Kit and be able to share this with friends and family during the holiday season.  Who wouldn’t enjoy a Girl’s Night Out after the hectic holiday season?give the gift

So, when you see lots of ladies in PINK or hear the low rumble that will accompany this mornings premiere – you can smile knowing that the NEW Spring Thirty One catalog is just around the corner.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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