Hope Wissel


I can’t believe that the week is almost over….  the days are quickly passing which means it is getting closer to Belinda’s trip home.  Yes, I AM counting with 15 days to go before Belinda and Ashley arrive in Jersey for a whirlwind week of friends, family and making memories.

Since I started my consulting business many years ago, I used my name as an acronym since people very rarely used my last name.  Believe it or not, when I was working in the trenches for HIV/AIDS, when someone mentioned my name (only the first one), everyone seemed to know who they meant. That isn’t to brag it is just that I almost NEVER used my last name when I introduced myself.  To this day, I find when I introduce myself at networking events, I usually just say my first name.  I know, I would definitely fail any networking test on introductions.  H.O.P.E. always stood for Helping Others Plan Effectively for my consulting business.  I was writing grants, working with clients and just generally helping individuals and organizations to plan programs and funding strategies. It worked!

When I began blogging, I automatically leaned to the “old” acronym.  Basically, I thought people would recognize the “old” name and just jump on the bandwagon.  Life changes though.  Have you ever noticed that when you change the field you work in, your contacts change?  The people you always connected with somehow change.  The things you always talked about change.  The “new” job takes shape in your life and your focus starts to shift.  I know I am not alone especially in the world of social services or social work.

In my journey with Thirty One, I have met am AMAZING energetic Mary Kay Consultant, Katlyn who had the word HOPE as an acronym in her team name.  As we were looking over the new Thirty One catalog and finding the perfect eye color for me; we began talking about team names.  She shared that she was shortening hers and taking out the “HOPE” acronym.  At which point, I asked her if she would mind if I “borrowed” her wording which seemed so much more relevant to my work today – blogging and Thirty One.  Katlyn was shocked that I even asked, then laughed and said of course… so thank you Katlyn for the NEW


Helping Others Pursue Excellence

It is my goal that through my blog and my leadership role with Thirty One, I am able to help individuals reach their out level of excellence.  I love the quote by Zig Ziglar:

zig ziglar

What is your goal?  What are you striving for?  Share your goals with us and let us know how we can help.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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