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Today’s blog is a re-blog from Sy Welch.  I think she has been watching the video feed from my office.  Does this sound like YOU?


(clearing my throat)… Hello, world.  Ever had the feeling that something was following you?  You knoooow something’s there but you were just too afraid to look.  So you ignore it in hopes that it would eventually go away… but it doesn’t.  Suddenly, that “something” grabs you at your feet!  You jump back in shock, only to slam right into it.  So then, you do what most people would do… you RUN!  Or you attempt to run, when a couple of steps into it, you slip on to the floor, falling directly into that “thing”.  Finally, you make it to the door.  By now, you’re thinking you at least owe it to yourself to see what it was; this persistent, consuming “thing” that was determined to drag you down with it.  So you put on your best fight face… slooowly turn around… and stare it head on.  Did someone break in?.. Is it an animal?… a ghost or a MONSTER?!  When all of a sudden you realize… it’s just those overstuffed binders on the floor that you’ve been “meaning” to organize for the past week, the books and customer invoices stacked on the desk, and the world of products from your inventory toppling over the shelves.  Yep, that so-called “Thing” that’s been pursuing you the whole time is called Clutter… and the truly scary conclusion is, it ain’t goin’ anywhere until you make it.

O.k. so I exaggerated a little but I’m not entirely off with my illustration.  Hi, my name is Sy and that “Thing” called clutter is such a common issue for so many home-based business owners, no matter what type of business it is.  I’m speaking from experience as a home-based business owner, myself, and a professional organizer.  Nobody asks or wants to deal with clutter but it happens.  One file left on the desk today leads to a stack of files by the end of the week.  Although we know we should take the time to get organized, we either (1) don’t know where to start, (2) adopt the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality (try to work with it as it is), or (3) RUN from it (avoid it all together).  The truth is, no matter what we do, clutter has to eventually be cleared up or it will only get worse.  It’s not going anywhere and not only does it harm the flow of your business day but it will also hit you where it REALLY hurts… yep, your profits.  That is why it’s sooo important to tackle your clutter issue right away because the sooner you attack the “clutter giant”, the easier, less overwhelming and stress-free the process will be.  Otherwise, you’ll only have to work harder and nobody wants to start the business day off cranky and frustrated because, “seriously, I can’t find that file!” or you have orders for a product that you didn’t realize was out of stock… ouch$$$!  Need more motivation?  Here’s some major benefits that I’ve personally discovered as a result of putting in the time and effort to get any home-based business space in order:

  1. It promotes efficiency… you can locate your items much quicker because you know exactly where everything is when you need it, which saves you time.
  2. It increases productivity… an organized workspace and storage helps you accomplish more throughout your workday.  When a system of order is in place, you are more driven and focused on the success of your business; NOT on the added stress of a cluttered space.
  3. It saves you profits… Organization = Great inventory management!  You avoid product loss due to expiration, misplacement, or damage.
  4. It creates an atmosphere that leads to business success!.. when you’ve created an environment that provokes you to think and feel better throughout your business day, it translates into your work.  The passion for your business is reignited!  It also inspires you to want to become organized in other areas of your life.

These benefits became the foundation of my organizing philosophy when I began organizing for home-based business owners over 15 years ago, as a teen, and they’re still the case today.  As a matter of fact, it is the motivation behind why I’ve decided to start this blog.  I’m in the business of helping people.  Consider me the home-based business owner’s wing girl.  I actually enjoy it.  I looove the look on the faces of my clients when they see their spaces transform to what seems like a completely different room.  Then I get excited because every time they enter their home-based business space, they’ll instantly become charged about their business day and I can say that I had a part in that.  I’m going to share with you how I achieve the amazing experience of GETTING organized and STAYING organized.  But you know, this is your BUSINESS!  We should be excited and inspired every day that we enter our work environment.  It shouldn’t provoke feelings of stress and a “business-as-usual” mentality.  We, as home-based business owners, have the power to change our working environment into something that will fuel us to our success.  It’s one thing when you HAVE to come into a chaotic, negative 9 to 5 working environment because that is beyond your control.  The only change we could make in that case is how we handle that type of environment… or just change our job all together.  But the home-based business owner can create a positive, inspiring environment that will keep us pumped about fulfilling our goals.  And it starts by getting organized.  No, we’re not organizing bedrooms and bathrooms here.  We’re talking office supplies, product inventory, packaging/shipping supplies, photo/video equipment… EVERYTHING needed to run our businesses from home, in the form of a neat and orderly system that fits our unique, individual needs…wheeew!

So stop running from your “clutter giant”.  Face it head on and be determined that you’ve had enough of that obvious problem that is clearly going nowhere… It’s time to address the elephant in the room… AAHH, HAA! (light bulb!)…



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