Hope Wissel

NYC Bound

Happy Saturday!  As you are reading this, I am off to spend the day with an AMAZING woman – my mom!  I know that everyone out there is thinking, I have an amazing mom too, right?  Or are you wondering what makes her so amazing?

When I was growing up, our house was the go to place.  You know the one where everyone wanted to hang out but ME!  Friends could crash in the rec room, food was always available for snacking and I could call at a moments notice to say a bunch of friends were coming home with me.   The word “no” was seldom heard.  I mean how many parents would serve breakfast for over 300 kids in their home the morning AFTER the Junior Prom?  Mine did!  When I was in college, we spent a lot of time together.  This was when my parents were divorcing and mom struggled with health issues and financially but she was always there for me.  Our relationship changed slightly when I moved to the Atlantic City area and began what would be a time of personal growth coupled with struggles.  But through the trials, she was there.  Okay, did I think she made me crazy – YES!  The truth was, no matter what she would always be there for me.

Fast forward to my 4 month stint of bed rest when I was pregnant with Belinda and Belinda the early years.  We had moments of conflict and there were struggles but mom was always there.  My addiction was hard for her to understand.  My life choices were hard for her to accept.  Through it all, she was there to help financially and emotionally when I needed her.  Did we fight? YES!  Did we not talk at times? Yes! Did I shut her out? Yes! No matter what she was always there to lend a hand, from taking care of Belinda to paying for  necessities AND vacations.  I know, you are thinking – isn’t that what a mom is supposed to do?  I was blessed with a mom of unconditional love.   How many people can say that?

Today, we are headed to NY for a mother-daughter day.  Taking a bus trip to see a show and just spend the day together walking and enjoying the sights and sounds of NY.  Mom lives only 1 hour from me now but life continues to get in the way.  We hardly spend any time together now.  Yes, things have changed.  I am married, work a part-time and have a full-time business.  We talk about making time for each other but the plans don’t always fall into place.

Over the last weeks, I have had some AHA moments and realized that taking time for those we love is important.  The holidays this year are NOT about the presents under the tree, they are about spending time with those we love.  Today is devoted to MOM.  Thank you for always being there, for our struggles helped to shape me, and your unconditional love has guided me through the years.

Share about your AMAZING Mom.  If she is close, make sure you hug her and spend time with her.  If she isn’t, reach out and make a DATE to share those moments together.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

3 generations at wedding

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