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Uninviting Vacation Veronica

Last week, I talked a little bit about Vacation Veronica and just when I think she is gone, she sneaks back up to see if she can stay.  JulieAnn Jones is a favorite of mine in the direct selling training world and she has some great suggestions for talking a holiday and NOT a holimonth during the month of December.

As we get closer the the Christmas/New Year week, the holiday season takes on a life of its own or at least for me it does.  Spending time in the office becomes a paper pushing time – not really a productive, money making time of year.  Don’t get me wrong, pushing papers and getting things in order are all good things BUT we need to keep working on building our business so that in January, we are not sitting around trying to figure out WHY we don’t have any parties on the books.

Here are some of JulieAnn’s tips:

  • If you are a Leader, plan all of your meetings for 2014.  We are blessed as Leaders with Thirty One that they help us stay on track with this by giving us all of the materials for our Celebrate and Connect meetings.
  • Take time to connect with your downline leaders and direct downline to see how you can help them with their goals in 2014.
  • Share with your team some fun ideas for theme parties as well as other tips on how to boost their business in the new year.
  • Call your September, October, November and December guests – you know those “pink bag calls” that we talk about.  Check in and make sure that they are happy with their product.
  • Call your past hostess and check in.  Don’t be afraid to ask them about hosting a party.
  • Commit to listen to/ or read at least one training program.  Don’t just listen or read – IMPLEMENT it!

As for me, I am excited to be kicking of the new year with a new party format courtesy of Shari Hudspeth.  Fast, fun and easy parties that will plant booking and recruiting seeds while my guests enjoy a Girl’s Night Out.  I have also started on my 2 – 2 – 2 binder for follow-up with customers shared by my upline, Hope Shortt.  The money is in the follow-up and I need to remember that on a regular basis.  It isn’t just about the emails or social media, it is also about snail mail AND the phone.

Here’s to hoping that Vacation Veronica doesn’t linger long at my house or yours.  Take a break and enjoy your family and friends during the holiday season but don’t neglect your business.  If you had a store front, you wouldn’t close for 2 weeks would you?  So why should you close your direct sales business for 2 weeks unless you are fully booked for the next 2 months – even then, I am not sure that I would stop working my business.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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