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50 in 500

Looking for inspiration this morning, I found a blog from my daughter, Belinda Heldreth. …

Inspiration can come form anywhere. Tonight as I was scrolling through social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest, I came across this post by one of my Alpha Chi Omega sisters about 50 in 500. It’s the idea of completing 50 items of a bucket list in 500 days. That approximately takes us to a few months before I graduate from the University of New England with my MSW (hint – I graduate in May 2015). I thought about it and I started to think “I could do it, too”. Anyone can really. So, tonight as I continue to sit on the couch, listen to Christmas movies playing in the background, and avoid working on my proposal for my class final – I will write the 50 things I want to accomplish in the nest 500 days. I also thought that it would be a way to keep me inspired. I feel everyone at times losses inspiration and motivation. Inspiration surrounds me everyday, but we always need a little reminder now and than. Lastly (before posting my list), but not definitely not least, the other inspiration to start a blog back up is my mother Hope Wissel, who continues to help others, inspire others, and do the impossible. It’s also because of her that I continue to realize that nothing is consistent but change. Enjoy!

Now, that she has her list of 50 in 500, I am going to make mine (we even share some of the same things):

  1. Inspire someone else to make a list
  2. Pay off debt
  3. Volunteer at a soup kitchen for the holidays
  4. Stop using credit cards
  5. Reach goal weight
  6. Visit my sister in Florida.
  7. Plan to attend my daughter’s graduation
  8. Offer the gift of Thirty One to 50 NEW people
  9. Spend at least 1 day a month with my mom
  10. Have a spa day
  11. Visit my daughter in North Carolina
  12. Become more active in church… again
  13. Learn to crochet
  14. Get a new tattoo (maybe just a small one)
  15. Become more comfortable within
  16. Start an exercise program… and keep doing it.
  17. Vacation to California
  18. Attend Thirty One’s National Conference in Ohio
  19. Take hubby to Maine for a vacation
  20. Go to a concert
  21. Increase my Thirty One business by 25%
  22. Clean out the garage… maybe this will motivate me
  23. Go on a hike
  24. Make time to walk the lake with hubby
  25. See a Broadway show
  26. Continue to write my blog.
  27. Spend at least 1 day a month with my dad
  28. Visit Lancaster
  29. Adopt a child in need
  30. Read an entire book …no judgement
  31. Make and maintain my office hours (allows me to walk away from the computer)
  32. Be able to give up part-time job at WaWa 
  33. Plan or go on a cruise
  34. Get a new camera and work on photography skills
  35. Volunteer with senior citizens or kids –  not sure but really want to volunteer some place
  36. Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
  37. Have at least 4 Thirty One parties per month
  38. Paint the living room and dining room
  39. Clean the house thoroughly at least once a month (don’t judge me, LOL)
  40. Do a monthly random act of kindness
  41. Go on a Missions trip
  42. Take hubby to Las Vegas
  43. Be on the Ellen show (preferably the 12 days of Christmas but any day is good)
  44. Go on a retreat (Thirty One, ETTM, Women of Faith – I am not fussy)
  45. Go to the movies
  46. Plan, have and pay for a date night with hubby
  47. See a dinner show with hubby.
  48. Visit NYC
  49. Have a makeover – fashion, hair, makeup – the whole works.
  50. Be an inspiration to someone

Thank you, Belinda.  This is harder than I thought it would be….You can mark at least one thing off your list – now that I have made mine.  How about making a list of your own, what would it include?  Share some of those things with us, who knows what the results could be.  Write it, post it and re-visit so see how far you have come.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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