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Addiction in Business

With just 22 days left until the start of the New Year, how many of you are already thinking about NEXT year’s business plan?  I know that some are wrapped up in the holiday season and can’t see past Christmas.  Others are taking the “holiday vacation” thinking they will get back to work after the new year.  While some people set aside time to establish next year’s plan BEFORE the holiday rush begins.  Okay, so that isn’t me despite my best efforts…

I have days when I fall into any one of those  other groups, so I am trying to find ways to “keep it simple” in the new year.  This catch phrase that had been a mantra when I first got into recovery over 23 years ago.  Back then it was a way to keep me on track and not get lost in the busyness of life.  I fell into the “comparison” game for my personal life and my business.  Yes, I THOUGHT I needed every product that Thirty One has to offer in order to make my business a success and encourage my customers to buy.  The truth is, a $99 kit is what EVERY consultant starts with and for some that is all they have along with a few FREE earned incentive pieces.  Some of those same people are now Senior Executive Directors and National Executive Directors with Thirty One.  I am sure you are wondering where this rambling is taking me, right?  As we get ready for the new year and the NEW Spring Catalog at Thirty One (and in other direct sales companies),  I was faced with an over abundance of inventory.  I have always been that “just in case” person, the one who purchases left over specials JUST IN CASE (need a present, a customer misses out, someone wants to see this item).  The end result was over 70 pieces of product (some duplicates) from not only our current catalog but also many of our past ones.  I bit the bullet and offered an exclusive event for my VIP hostess an customers to shop all of these pieces at a discount in an effort to simplify my life and my business.  It worked, inventory cleaned out except for the BASICS and a few key signature pieces.  I have proclaimed to anyone that will listen that 2014 is the YEAR of Keeping It Simple.  I even have enlisted the help of friend as well as my hubby to keep me in check when I am tempted to buy more than necessary.  I need to remember that this is a BUSINESS and NOT a hobby.

No matter what direct sales company you are with, I am sure that YOU too have fallen into this trap.  We can all come up with justifications as to why we need to purchase more – earn an incentive, make our goal, customers have been asking for it, and the list goes on when the truth is (at least for me), it became an addiction more than a business.  I know that is probably a weird analogy for some but that is the only way that I know how to put it.  As I bring 2013 to an end and begin to plan for 2014, I am keeping it simple.  New fast, fun and easy 30 minute parties, a 2-2-2 follow-up system and utilizing the catalog to help me sell product that I don’t have in stock.

What changes are you making in your business for 2014?  Have you even thought about it? Are you going to start 2014 with worried about why there is nothing on the calendar?  Take a few moments today to reflect on this past year and think about next year…

What are is YOUR mantra for 2014?  Share it with us and help to inspire others…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful  day!

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