Hope Wissel

Holiday Weight or Wait

The New Year is quickly approaching along with a list of resolutions…tops on the list is usually “to lose weight”.  All through the holidays, I have heard people say “wait till after the holidays to lose weight”.  For me, that is not an option.  See, if I WAIT till then, the scale will have headed up and I will be disappointed in myself for giving up some of the weight (all 107 pounds) that I have already lost.

I have not been to Weight Watchers since the beginning of November… did I give up?  NO!  Life got in the way with work – vendor shows, craft shows, WaWa, home parties… the list of reasons goes on.  I actually gave up my membership for financial reasons as I head into the new year.  I know what I need to do so tracking is still a BIG part of my life.  The tracker sits on my counter and YES, I do track good or bad the points.  I faltered a little for about 10 days just before Christmas with all of the temptations.  I justified things – I haven’t had this in a long time, it looks so good, just a taste, I am loosing inches now not pounds… choose the justification that works best for you.  Justifications worked in my head but played havoc on the scale.  Okay, so a 4 pound gain may not seem like a lot of some people but to me it was a step on the road that would take me on a trip to a place I said “never again”.  Yes, that word NEVER is deadly.  I remember hearing in the rooms of NA (Narcotics Anonymous) never say never.  WOW!  The truth is that I need to live that way even when it comes to my weight.

Does your New Year’s resolution include “lose weight”?  If so,  why not consider Today’s thought from Devotions for Dieters: The past is fast fading away. I’m headed for a trimmer me!  How about trying that list of 50 things in 500 days to change some habits that can be life long instead of just the weight lose resolution?  I would love to hear your thoughts…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Weight or Wait”

  1. I know this all to well. Of course, I’m on the weight loss band wagon. I’m gearing up for the detox phase. But I also have other goals that affect other areas of my life. I find the challenge in all of this is how can I create a realistic schedule that allows me to accomplish all that I have. I really look forward to figuring this one out.

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