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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  My word for 2014 is EMBRACE.  By definition, the word embrace means “to accept willingly and enthusiastically; welcoming with open arms; including as a consistent part of“.  I have prayed for a word all week and each time, this word kept coming up.  I kept tossing it aside for something MORE.  Looking for that word that would fit what I thought a WORD OF THE YEAR should be.  Guess God had a different plan for me.  I needed to EMBRACE this word.  I am beginning to think that this is the next step after last year’s word which was FAITH.  When I was looking for a Bible verse that went along with this word, Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen; kept coming to mind.  I thought this was only about FAITH but don’t you need to EMBRACE what we believe, right?

This year, my goal is to EMBRACE all of the blessings that God has in store for me.  EMBRACING them BEFORE they happen having FAITH that they will.  This is the year that I EMBRACE the me that everyone else sees – confident, thinner, and some might even say fun.  I will EMBRACE my role as a Director and have FAITH that when God is ready, I will promote to Senior Director with Thirty One.  I will EMBRACE the challenges as blessings without a visit from Doubtful Debbie or Negative Nellie.  I will EMBRACE change as my business and team grow.

When doubts and trials creep in, I will rely on my FAITH to keep me strong.   I know that as I EMBRACE each challenge as a blessing, my light will shine and inspire others.  I will EMBRACE change in whatever form it comes – business, personal or professional.  I will EMBRACE the suggestions of others as I grow my business and not simply discount them as “not my style”.  I am eager to EMBRACE the positive me, the one who not only talks a good talk but walks it too.  See, despite what many see on the outside, on the inside a Scared Sally lurks.  This is my year to combine the doubtful, the negative and the scared into one EMBRACING the woman that will emerge for all of the world to see.

What is YOUR word for this year and what does it mean to you?  Please share with us as you may inspire others to toss aside the list of New Year’s Resolutions for one word that will be their focus.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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