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Is being Self Employed On YOUR New Year Wish List

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss?  According to ““, there is a list of 55 reasons it’s better to employ yourself but these are just a few of mine:

  1. Set your own hours.
  2. Opportunity to make unlimited income.
  3. Can work from home.
  4. Can work literally anywhere.
  5. Are able to put family priorities first.
  6. You don’t just work for a paycheck.
  7. Able to do something you are passionate about.
  8. Can work in your pajamas if you want to.
  9. Take vacation or sick time whenever you need to.
  10. In today’s economy, being self-employed can have more job security than a traditional job.
  11. True flexibility in everything you do.
  12. Work doesn’t feel like work.
  13. Every day can feel like an adventure.
  14. Only you need to believe in yourself. You don’t have to sell your ideas or vision to higher-ups.
  15. You can set up your office however you want.
  16. You are not limited to the money you earn each paycheck.
  17. Every day is like a new challenge – a chance to grow as a person.
  18. You will be able to spend more quality time with your family.
  19. You can take control of your own personal and career development.
  20. The more you put into your business, the more you will get out of it.
  21. You will have more freedom to work, play or rest when you want to.
  22. Being self-employed is the ultimate DIY project.
  23. You can be yourself.
  24. Get to meet new people that you might not have in a typical job environment.

For some, direct sales may be the answer to your self-employment goal.  For $99, the Thirty One enrollment kit changed my life.  It not only allowed me to make my own hours, it helped me to find a confidence in me that I had lost so many years ago.  When I am doing a home party with Thirty One, I am not “Belinda’s mom” or “Rob’s wife” or “Joan’s daughter” – I am “Hope, Thirty One Director and bag lady”.  I love all of my roles as wife, mom and daughter but I also love that I have my own identity too.  Did it start off that way?  No, I wanted the discounts (25%) and maybe to make some extra money.  It is so much more than just a purse.  

Thirty One may not be for you but it may be for someone you know. Share this link with them giving them the opportunity.  If your passion isn’t bags, try some of the other wonderful direct sales companies around – Mary Kay or Beauty Control or Dove Chocolate.

Share with us your reason for wanting to be self-employed..

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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