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Mentoring Long Distance Team Members

Thank you Julie Ann Jones for this blog post.  I started building my team in an area where I used to live and with people that I used to work with.  Fast forward to a year later and I moved more than an hour away and started building a local team.  The local team is small but mighty while the distant team is growing deep.

Supporting remote team members is a challenge, not just for me but for many in direct sales.  I have the privilege of having an AMAZING upline that lives about 7 hours from me.  Despite the distance, she managed to keep me motivated and dreaming BIG!  Thank you Hope Shortt!  I don’t advocate that you start building your business on a nationally basis but if you for those of you that have family and friends throughout the country, there are a few simple guidelines and isn’t as challenging as it may seem…

Here are JulieAnn Jones top 5 tips for mentoring and supporting remote team members.

1. Keep the Lines of Communication Open. Limit the amount of time during which you’re available to your local team, in part to teach them to be resourceful and find their own answers whenever possible. Remote team members, however, are inherently independent out of necessity. For them, you want to be a little more available, because they aren’t getting the benefit of your hands-on mentoring. Set up a schedule with specific times to talk with them (at least a few times a week when they’re first getting started) and use e-mail to communicate as well. If you don’t already have a private Facebook group set up for your team, consider doing that. It’s a great way to communicate and to connect them so they can communicate with each other.  Facebook group done!  Now it is time to set up a schedule to talk with downline team members more often.

2. Make Sure She’s Ready Before She Does Her First Party.  This is important with all your new representatives, but it’s crucial with remote team members.  Another option, is to see if your new distant recruit can shadow someone else on your team or on your upline’s team.  Set up a training schedule with them early on and make sure you stick to it.

3. Use Skype, Google+ Chat, or iChat to Stay Connected.  This is definitely tough for us that are technically challenged.  There are so many ways to virtually connect with your remote team members now. The phone is great for most things, but if you have the technology (and most of us do now) to do a Skype chat so she can see you, I recommend that. Skype and G+ chat also allow you to share your screen, which is a great training aid, not only for your long-distance team members, but also for you local team. It will take a little time and practice to master these technologies, but it’s not as hard as you might think and it will definitely be a skill you’ll use in the future.

4. Make Sure She Knows How to Use The Resources on the Company Website.  Thank you Thirty-One for our amazing training and marketing materials.  Take some time and walk your representative through all of the online tools your company offers. Make sure she knows how to use them and that she’s taking advantage of any and all corporate training.

5. Include Your Remote Team Members in Your Monthly Recognition.  Send out an e-mail to your entire team listing those who’ve earned recognition… Post awards on your Facebook private group or any other online forum you use to help keep your team connected. 

If you establish a strong mentoring relationship with your remote team members right from the beginning and let them know that their success is important to you, you’ll find this is a great way to grow a national team and explode your business.  What are YOUR best tips?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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