Hope Wissel

Dental Fears Revisited

excited child taco

WOOHOO it is Monday!  The look on this child’s face kind of sums of my feelings for today.  A mix of excitement and nervousness.  Remember that FEAR of the Dentist that I talked about so long ago….  I told you that my dentist was AMAZING and I didn’t mind have any work done, right?  Well, today starts the next step in repairing the damage of all of those years when I didn’t go to the dentist.  For the next TWO days, I will be going to the Periodontist for scraping and cleaning.  OUCH!  Yes, they know that I am a baby when it comes to my teeth.  Or at least I hope that they remember that from my last visit.  I was originally scheduled back in October but due to our dental insurance and some other things going on, my treatment got postponed until the new year.  What a way to start the new year let alone a new week, right?

I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around anything other than getting this work done – hence a short, ME kind of blog.  Lesson learned!  No matter what – make sure you go to those annual check ups (medical, dental, mammograms for women, etc).  I know that insurance and finances are often an issue but in the long run, the additional expense necessary to repair the damage of not going through treatment is as much if not more.  We all hate those annual visits.   I mean really, who likes to be poked and prodded but it is IMPORTANT.  Okay, I will step off my soap box and head to the Periodontist gripping hubby’s hand all the way.  He did say he would drive me and pick me up but he wasn’t sitting there for 2 hours while they worked on me.  Yes, I said TWO hours!

Send positive energy my way today (and tomorrow) because I can definitely use it.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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