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Challenge Issued AND Accepted


Just when Negative Nellie and Doubtful Debbie thought they were going to settle in for a brief vacation, along comes some inspiration.  Thank you Hope Shortt.  Being a Director with Thirty One doesn’t mean that I get to sit back and just collect money.  It means I work my business on a daily basis like all of the amazing consultants who are on my team.

January has been a struggle for me.  I ended 2013 on a HIGH!  No, not literally just with an amazing year of sales personally and for my team.  Being on such a high should have easily propelled me into the new year.  Vacation Veronica was late in arriving but she did arrive and hung around for a little longer than expected due to some bad weather.  As a result, January has not been as strong as I hoped with Home Office’s AMAZING offer of Double Hostess credits.  The first vendor event of the year was AWESOME over the weekend leading to not only some leads for potential recruits but also to sales.  A WIN WIN situation, right?

In our monthly coaching call, I shared with Hope my struggles.  As always, she listened sharing her strength, hope and experience.  We talked about stepping out of my comfort zone.  I know, you have heard it all before, right?  This time is was different… she broke it down in a very easy challenge.  It was simple – make 4 contacts per day and at least 5 NEW contacts per week.  Now, I have tried this before but never with this final thought – the day is NOT over until I have made the 4 contacts about my business.  LOL.  Okay, so some days that could make for a very late night but I am up for the challenge.

For those of you in direct sales, do you feel stuck?  Have you set BIG goals that some days seem overwhelming?  EMBRACE just a small change.  ACT BIG – believing in you, your passion for your business and your dreams.

I challenge each of you to make 4 contacts a day.. just imagine 4 NEW contacts a week, five days a week means 80 NEW contacts a month.  Those contacts could be customers, hostess or recruits.  Imagine the possibilities.  Who is up for the challenge?  Who will join me to grow our business beyond our wildest dreams this year.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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