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Weight Loss Trip

suitcase4This is a re-blog from alwaysthinkingimfat.  Check out her blog by clicking on her name to see some more about her journey.

We are going to take a weight loss trip.

Our suitcase is ready but we need to iron out some of the details.

1)Purpose of trip

Ask yourself why you are starting out on this journey. Be honest & dig deep inside yourself.


We develop a purpose but then we have to consider where we want to be on this trip. If there is no destination we may be just going around in circles

3)Mode of Transportation

How can we get to our destination? How long will it take to get there? Will we ever get there?


If we get there how are we going to stay there and what is the cost for us.

5) Deparature

When do we leave? Is it a place we want to stay for the rest of our lives?


People say failure is not an option but this is not the case.

We can take another trip or go a different way.

Find new places to stay or leave when we want

If we are not happy maybe its not the right time or place

Maybe the trip needs to be done later

We can’t dwell on the past

Need to live for our future

Look for guidance as we don’t always know the way

Love yourself because the trip is for you

Thank you for this reminder that when we work towards our goal weight, it is journey.  Just like any other trip it has its good days and bad.  Some days it will be fun and we will enjoy the journey.  Some days will be filled with struggles. As you all know, I struggle with reaching my goal weight but it is a journey.  I can’t discount the 108 pounds I have lost nor can I forget that this is all about ME getting healthy and feeling better (inside and out).

What kind of journey are you on today?  It may not be a weight loss journey but apply these principles to whatever journey you are on and the results will be amazing.  Share your journey with us so that we can help each other along the way.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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