Hope Wissel

Weight Blessing

I have been blessed! I cried tears of joy and was giddy with excitement.  Can you guess what the blessing was? Let me tell you a short story…

I have talked about my weight loss journey since I started blogging.  Weight Watcher‘s helped me to lose 108 pounds.  It was a process with many people who helped along the way – Joyce, Nicole, Illy, Liz, AnnaMarie, Genine, my Saturday morning group, and my Thursday morning family.  Over the last six months, I have been stuck!  According to the Weight Watcher chart, my goal weight is 145.  Stuck between 150 – 154 for months, maybe even a year – I asked my new primary doctor to give me a note with a new goal weight.  Her response “you are still overweight”.  SMACK!!!!  So I continued to struggled, changing my eating habits – trying everything I could to reach that goal weight.  I was focused on the numbers – not what I accomplished.  The obsessive/compulsive traits come out and I begin to stress.

Woman Stepping onto Scale

Enter Dr. Gilbertti, my NEW primary doctor.  For those of you who are wondering – No, I didn’t change doctors to get a note for my goal weight.  I changed doctors because I needed one who was going to  listen to me and not discount any symptoms that I presented to him/her.  As I talked to Dr. Gilbertti, he LISTENED and brought me to tears.  Those tears of JOY!  As I told him about my weight loss journey, he smiled and said “I can write a script, it has always worked before”.  We talked about how long I had been stuck and about the high/ low range.  After a brief conversation, he said, “how does 156 sound?”  WOW!  I was amazed.  He said given my height, age, how much I had lost and how long I had been stuck, that seemed fair.  So, I can now say I am at GOAL WEIGHT!

excited child taco

Time to EMBRACE the new idea of goal weight and maintaining it.  Weekly weigh ins at home will keep me accountable.  Never wanting to be more than 154 at the morning weigh in.  I will continue to keep tracking so that I am accountable.  For those who are still on this journey, don’t give up.  There will be good days and bad.  There will be struggles along the way.  As Nicole would say “Build the bridge, and get over it”.  I know it isn’t always easy, remember I have been there.

EMBRACE the journey.  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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