Hope Wissel


Thank you Vanessa Coppes for this blog

Oh yes, I am going there…

1. That $$$ handbag that you just had to have.

2.Those black pumps (more like the 6 different ones, you had to have because every designer has their own version)…that look good all year round, no matter what you wear.
3. That little black dress…and the little red one, and blue one…?
These, and I am sure many more are little treasures we’ve tucked away either because you love them so much, that you don’t want to part with them…or you’ve worn the bijeezus out them.
Or is there another reason?
Let’s think about this for a second…Are you really going to wear those jeans you haven’t fit into since high school?
I know you’ve heard the phrase “Out with the old, in with the new” hundreds of times, but how about: Out with the excess, in with what you need.
Isn’t it time you got back to a more balanced state of buying? What you need, whenyou need it…as opposed to what you want, when you want it?
Believe me, I’ve been there. Doing the irrational, buying a new pair of shoes for my son’s 6 month checkup, stocking up on paper towels before having a ‘heart to heart’ with my husband (yes, I have ‘a thing’ about stocking up on paper towels and toothpaste…), and I could go on. But here’s the truth: that all felt really good and fun, and it soothed me… momentarily.
As much as I love fashion, I questioned if it was rational to follow it to the point of buying compulsively. Well, it isn’t.
When you increase your awareness of abundance, you will be able to soothe your desires for what you want, with the validation of what you already have.
Here are 3 ways you can start to do that:
1) Think abundantly: when you’re stressed, your nervous system desires nesting, feeding, grooming, therefore: buying. If you focus on how much you have, buying compulsions remain dormant.
2) Make a list before you head to the store; stick to it. Take a friend with you if it means it will help you to stay on track.
3) Practice Moderation: clear out, use up or donate/get rid of what you don’t need.
The more you become used to this way of dealing with stuff, you’ll start to meet your need by “shopping” among things you already have. Mix old clothes for new looks, put new pictures in old picture frames.
This way of living is way more creative, than continuing to buy. It can make you feel fabulously capable too.
Time to look in the closet (and the drawers) at all of those things that I bought and haven’t worn or that I am holding on to “just in case”.  What about you, what is YOUR secret treasure?
Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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