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Leadership Skills Needed in Direct Sales Part 2

Good Morning – This is Part 2 about the skills that are important if you are moving into or have moved into Leadership with your company.  Thank you MyDirectSelllingBlog for these tips…

6.  How to manage your time – You need to take control of the time you have and how much of it is spent on any one activity.  Planning your day and setting your priorities is a good way to start.   This is nothing new and can apply to ANY area of your life.  Reconsider those “time sucker activities” like Facebook and Pinterest where we get lost and then realize 2 hours have passed.  Okay, I can’t be the only one that this happens to, right?

7.  How to handle difficult people – You will run across them.  Not every one of your team members is going to love you or is cheerful everyday. It is up to you to keep your cool and take note of the different characters and moods you will be dealing with.   As I don’t always know how to deal with a difficult person,  I would simply suggest you listen and ask questions.  For me, I am not good with confrontation.  I need to get a tougher skin because my feelings get hurt easily.  I really need to remember that not everyone on my team my like me – UGH!  People Pleaser Patty will really hate this skill.

8.  How to support or direct your team – This doesn’t mean holding everyone by the hand or coming to the rescue for each obstacle that comes their way.  Guide your team to where they can find answers.  If you are developing team members to grow into leadership roles, now is the time for them to step up and try out their skill.  Give them the opportunity to help their fellow team members in order to take some of the load off you.

9.  How to manage your business – If you are in direct sales, not only are you a Leader but you are also a consultant that has a business.  You need to work YOUR business like a business so that you can be an example to your team.  Work your business like a hobby and it won’t be long before you are no longer a leader.

10.  How to solve problems – Finding solutions to problems can take time.  Apply what you’ve learned from past experiences to help you work through work through similar situations.  As a Thirty One consultant, we have AMAZING resources and I LOVE that when all else fails, I can call Home Office for guidance.

Although you might think you are good at all of these skills, it wouldn’t hurt to ask those in your team how you are doing.  I LOVE the idea of checking in with my team for for feedback on how I am doing.  I see a Survey Monkey in the works…  I THINK I know what areas I need to work on but it would be nice to hear what other’s perceptions are of me as a Leader.  What are YOUR best tips in one or all of these skill areas?  Share them with us, please.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

2 thoughts on “Leadership Skills Needed in Direct Sales Part 2”

  1. I am so happy to find people out there who are looking to help other direct sellers. You heart and mind are in the right place. I feel you are a leader.

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