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Find Your Purpose


I wanted to finish up this week by talking about your purpose in wanting to be a Leader.  What is your MAIN reason?  Believe it or not, for me “to make money” isn’t the FIRST thing on my list.  Alright, you can stop laughing now!  Yes, I want to make a profit and have my business be self-sufficient.  The FIRST reason on my list is “To help other women achieve their dreams”. 

 Small business expert Susan Solovic writes in her blog for Constant Contact that we should consider the purpose of companies like Apple and Zappos. They have an almost cult-like following because of what they are trying to accomplish with their products other than selling as many as possible.

Here are some ideas from Direct Sales Education Foundation on “Finding YOUR Purpose“..

  • Listen to your inner voice and hold off on asking others what they think. Before you start seeking opinions on what your purpose should be, tune into your inner voice for inspiration.  Once you have a definitive idea, then it’s time to gather opinions from others.  As a people pleaser, I struggle with this one.  My inner voice of inspiration is ALWAYS looking to help others.
  • Follow what is exciting, not what is easy. In business, just as in life, the easy choice may not always be the best one.   WOW!  I just had this conversation yesterday with another direct seller.  We were discussing how being a Leader may look easy on the outside but the truth is it takes hard work to be a leader AND maintain your role as a Leader.  It is well worth it for me!
  • Tap into your instincts and emotions rather than logic. You obviously don’t want to ignore logic completely, but when finding the purpose for your business, your instincts should take over. Instincts and emotions are powerful enough to guide us to do great things. When faced with a difficult question or decision, listen carefully to your initial gut reaction. This does not mean to act impulsively, but rather to let that gut feeling lead the way on your journey.  For many hard-working and ambitious people, this is not always the easiest thing to do, but it certainly is important if you want to find your true purpose that drives you toward success.

I was never out to change the world, some may say the results of my work may do that but that was never my purpose.  As a Social Worker, I wanted to help people improve the quality of their life – no matter how small a change it was for them.  As I work  my Thirty One business, I want to help other women find what makes them passionate, what motivates them, and what excites them…..The end result will be to grow my business helping others get what they want.  I believe the sign of a good leader is just that – one that LISTENS to those around her or on her team AND then works to help THEM achieve their goal or their vision.  That is MY purpose!

What have you done to find your purpose? Would you add to our list? Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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