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Thick Skin Or Soft Heart

This week’s blogs are going to focus on recruiting in direct sales.  For some, recruiting comes easy. They simply share their excitement for the business and people seem to jump on board.  For others, it is a struggle – fear of rejection, the need to people please or just stepping out of their comfort zone.  I came across an article on that seems to hit the nail on the head called “7 reasons Entrepreneurs Need a Thick Skin and a Soft Heart”.  I probably lean more towards the soft heart but I am starting to develop a thick skin.

Here are some tips with skin and heart:

1. Write down the things that you have been avoiding and do them.  Create a game plan. Write down everything you need to do today, this week, and this month to accomplish your goals. Review the list and identify the items on the list you very much want to put off or avoid. Copy the “procrastination” tasks on a separate sheet and place them in plain sight. Every day, review the list and accomplish at least one of them.

2. Make the call.  Demonstrate high courage and make the call, introduce yourself, and be bold enough to get out there and try to “bag the elephant,” so to speak. Go for the NO!

3. Approach the seemingly unapproachable.  MJ says, “Go for it and approach anyone who you need to talk to that you can benefit from (and as well as whom you feel may benefit from you)…” This empowers you to determine if there is an opportunity and also leaves you with no regrets.

4. Create authentic and real connections.  MJ points out that Tim Ferris in The 4-Hour Workweek asks people to practice looking strangers in the eye to try to grow thick skin. It is very uncomfortable at first, but like building a muscle it gets easier the more times you put in the work.

5. Meet three new people every day.  Approach three random people each day to thicken your skin. It helps you gain the courage to approach anyone without getting nervous or tongue-twisted. It also gets you to think quicker.  The more people you approach, the more chances you have to meet someone you can create new opportunities with.

6. Make amends.  Think about people who you have done wrong, then have the humility to contact them and offer a sincere apology. No one is perfect. We will all trip from time to time. We can also strengthen our heart through forgiveness and not holding grudges.

7. Do something uncomfortable.  There is a consistent pattern in all of the above actions, namely, doing what is uncomfortable. One of MJ’s favorite quotes is, “Growth begins the moment you step out of your comfort zone.” 

According to the article, when you develop thick skin and a strong heart the word “procrastination” is no longer a part of your vocabulary. You will not only be unafraid to do uncomfortable things anymore, you will actually be excited to do them.

So, with all of this new found thick skin – who is ready to start recruiting those new team members? Share with us, do you have thick skin or a soft heart?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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