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Recruiting Game

This week, we have been talking about recruiting.  At a party, I ALWAYS share my “why” about just wanting the discount  when I started with Thirty One.  I mean with a full-time job, a 4-hour daily commute, and a new hubby who had time to do anything else.  Life brought changes and with it, my “why” quickly changed.  I gave up with full-time job and the crazy commute so that I could have a better quality of life.  I wanted to be able to make my own schedule AGAIN, spend time with family AND help other women to reach their goals.  My “why” may not get others to jump on board because they don’t connect with it.  The $99 kit with over $300 in FREE product is a definite motivator for some.  At my recent parties, I have been using Shari Hudspeth‘s Party Cards and this has lead to great discussions about the business opportunity.  I am beginning to hear “crickets” and see some sparkle in the eyes of my guests who are intrigued by the opportunity.
Here is another tip from Party Plan Divas on recruiting.  The “Recruiting Rhyme Game” is a quick and easy way to plant recruiting seeds with your guests..

Directions: All your guests need is a piece of paper or index card (you could even have them use the back of their door prize slip or order form).  Have them write their name on top and then read this rhyme.  Once complete have them total up their scores, collect and award the highest point earner a small prize.

READ: If any selling you have done before, put down 10 to start your score. If you have a car and are able to drive, the thing to do is just add 5. If some extra money is what you would like, add 10 more which is just about right. A little spare time will add to your score, for this you may add 15 more. If you like people and think they are grand, add 6 more and see where you stand. Add 10 points if you think parties are fun, and when you add this you are almost done. If you score the highest, it is plain to see a_________________rep is what you should be. Add 10 more if you want to be a _______________rep, like me!

This is really cute and is a great way to find out who is interested in the business opportunity.  Maybe I should try this at our BINGO event coming up soon.  What are your favorite games to play that plant recruiting seeds?

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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