Hope Wissel

Thirty One Anniversary

February 7th, 2011 – the first time I talked to Hope Shortt.  I had followed her on Facebook, I read about her, so I already knew what an amazing person she was BEFORE I had this conversation.  I told her that I wanted to join her Thirty One team.  She asked me “what my why” was?  I mean we ask people that all of the time, “What is YOUR why?”.  I was nervous and this people pleasing person told her that I wanted to earn some extra money.  No big dreams.  I wanted to share the products at vendor shows, didn’t want to do home parties and really was not interested in having a team.  Of course, Thirty One helped the “recruiting” aspect since this was just one day prior to the FREEZE.  WOW, that was a relief.  Vendor shows was something that I loved to do since I have been doing craft/ vendor shows for over 20 years.  This was such a great place to meet people AND share a product that I loved.  Hope listened and said that she would be there to help when I needed her.  No pressure just support and kindness.

Over the next few months I would share Thirty One at vendor events – selling but still NOT booking parties.  I mean I had a full-time CRAZY busy job, who had time for home parties.  Then came the first TWO potential recruits.  OMG!!!  I was honest with both of them from the start.  I wasn’t into doing home parties and I was going to learn along with them.  Believe it or not, they still joined as soon as the freeze lifted and quickly qualified.  I was a Senior Consultant by default.  Then came a home office lead that wanted a HOME PARTY!  Panic set in… it was someone I didn’t know and I was clueless.  I had never done a home party.  I could do this… and I DID!  Of course there was lots of amazing help from Hope and members of the Beacon of Hope team.

My FIRST National Conference in 2012 had me setting a goal and deciding that I wanted to be in Leadership.  I actually set a goal to be Director BEFORE National Conference 2013.  All of those stats that say those who go to national conference earn more – TRUE!  Those who go to national conference – PROMOTE – TRUE!  October, 2012 I was DIQ and in January 2013, I was blessed to earn my $1,000 Director Bonus.  It was a whirlwind time filled with lots of emotions.

National Conference 2013, I was blessed to be joined by my daughter and members of the Rays of Hope Team as I walked across stage being acknowledged as a NEW Thirty One Director.  Tears of joy flowed freely that weekend and continue each time I think back to the moment.  I walked across stage and was hugged by Hope Shortt, my National Executive Director.  Goal for National Conference 2014 – INCREASE my team size, INCREASE personal volume AND promote a minimum of 1 team member.  I am on track for all 3 this year which is really exciting!

I still struggle with my “why” and learning to DREAM BIG.  Home parties are second nature.  Vendor events are now used to expand my circle and share the gift of Thirty One.  I continue to work on personal development so that I can CELEBRATE – ENCOURAGE – REWARD my team.  The biggest blessing from Thirty One is the restoration of a confidence in myself that I lost when I was in HIGH SCHOOL.  Yes, I have earned FREE products!  Yes, I have been able to pay off debt & travel as a result of my commission checks!  Yes, I have found a sisterhood that I didn’t know existed in my Thirty One sisters!  Yes, I have grown in my walk with God, learning to trust and believe that his will will be done in my business!  These are all the things that Thirty One has blessed me with…. it CHANGED MY LIFE.  Could it be the think that changes your life?

OJ incentive flyer

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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