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Saving for National Conference

Happy Monday!  Okay, so according to Mr. Groundhog we still have a few more weeks of winter – UGH!  Winter and I are not a good mix considering that I am always cold – even in the SUMMER!  I am thinking WARM thoughts…

If you are in direct sales, I am sure you have heard about YOUR company’s National Conference.  My first year with Thirty One, I was a hobbyists and didn’t understand the importance of National Conference.  I had been to many conferences as a Social Worker and Grants Manager totally understanding the importance of those meetings to my work but a “purse conference”, really?  When I had my “AHA” moment that Thirty One was more than just purses, we were about changing lives – I was on a mission to NEVER miss another National Conference.  My goal to always have enough saved to go so that I didn’t mess with my budget.

Attending your company’s Training events is important to growing YOUR business.  As a Thirty One Director, I host a bi-monthly company sponsored Celebrate and Connect.  This is a time to CELEBRATE -ENCOURAGE – REWARD local consultants while providing them with company updates.  It isn’t just about the training but it is also a chance to network with other women to bounce around business ideas.   These events are also a GREAT way to spark the fire in your  business to keep business booming.

Local events are budget friendly –  maybe a minimal cost for food but with Thirty One, there is over 1,500 Celebrate and Connect meetings throughout the country to pick from so you can find one close to YOUR home.  National Conference (NC) is another story.  The costs vary depending on travel, hotels, food, registration and shopping options.  Thirty One gives EVERY consultant the opportunity to earn FREE NC registration and bonus products based on a variety of things.  That leaves just the cost of travel and hotel.  Airfare vs driving: your decision can depend on the distance you need to travel.  Hotel: share the room/ share the cost.  The best way to save money AND get to know your Thirty One sisters.  Figure out an estimate for the trip – I use $600 since it is a budget that I can live now and while I am at NC.

So, how are you going to do this?  Take the amount you need and divide by months, weeks or parties – which ever one works for you.  Make it a priority to put away money earned from YOUR business in a place away from the temptation to spend.  I have a separate savings account just for this money to discourage “borrowing” from it.   If I had been “smart” and started right after conference last year – I would only need to save $50 a month or $12.50 a week.  But I didn’t…remember I am not good at budgeting.  So, with only 6 months till NC – I am on a mission to save from EVERY party’s commission check.  If I skip some of the stops to Starbucks too, I can add that to the NC kitty.  It is worth the small sacrifice for the chance to spend time with my Thirty One sisters.  Maybe you can tweak these weekly plans to fit your goals…

43 week plan


year long saver

So, who is ready to go to National Conference????  Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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