Hope Wissel

Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?  Flowers? Chocolate? A special dinner out?

love of my life

For me, it is a day to celebrate the gift of my hubby, Rob.  Our story began back in high school or should I say the summer BEFORE high school.  Edythe, had a friend from Brooklyn and that summer their family came to stay at the Jersey Shore.  Well, Shark River Hills.  Rob and I met several times.  He was this blond haired, guitar playing, quiet with a smile that gave me chills kinds of guy.  His best friend had a crush on me, I wasn’t interested.  So, against all odds, Rob and I started to date.  It was a rest summer.  Camping with my family,  barbecues and time at the beach.  School started – he was a Sophomore at Neptune and I was a Freshman at Ocean Township.  Okay, for those who don’t know the area – our schools were rivals.  Not a good way to start my Freshman year.  We got through about 2 months when I succumbed to peer pressure.  See, I was a people pleaser way back then too!  We broke up and went our separate ways.  We never  talked again…

Fast forward to summer of 2002. Belinda and I picked up the mail when I found an envelope with a return address from Rob.  WOW!  Memories flashed before me.  Belinda wanted all of the details.  I mean she had never heard of this guy and I have to admit, she was (and still is) a little protective of her mom.  I explained things to her and she thought it was just WEIRD!  The letter explained that Rob saw a roadside memorial with the name “HOPE” on it.  He was concerned and wanted to make sure it wasn’t me.  Little did I know that he was still carrying around a picture of me from my Freshman year in HS.  YIKES!  Over the next several months we emailed and then one Saturday, he showed up at a craft show.  He spent the day with me.  We talked about days gone by, our current lives and our dreams.  I wasn’t interested in a relationship so we decided to be friends.  To say the least, the rest is history.

We have had our ups and downs over the years.  In our hearts, we were married for better or worse.  There are some days that I think he got the raw end of the deal.  An overly independent woman with a child who wasn’t thrilled that there was a new man in mom’s life.  When we said our vows, it was a way to share with our friends and family our love.

When Rob got sick in May last year, I have to admit – I was scared.  I thought I was going to loose him.  I know there are times that he believes that I don’t need him, that he is “a pain in my butt” but the truth is, he has become my best friend.  He is my Ying to my Yang.  He keeps me grounded when I am ready to fly in the wind.

To day is the day that I honor our love.  The love that I didn’t think I would ever find.  The love that will last me till the end of time.  Happy Valentine’s Day, My Love.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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