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I came across this blog on which I thought would be helpful for those Moms who think they are NOT cut out for business.  Here are 6 characteristics that make moms great at business.

1. Ability to Multi-Task
Few groups on the planet are better able to multi-task than moms. Particularly within an entrepreneurial setting, this characteristic is invaluable, and mothers have it down. Why wouldn’t this skill translate to better abilities in business?  I have heard many people talk about the pros and cons of multi-tasking but I have seen some AMAZING things accomplished by a mom who is trying to juggle every day.

2. Listening Skills
Moms are, at their core, listeners. They listen to their children’s needs all day long (which sometimes requires translation abilities, too) as well as that of their husbands, their bosses, and even the pets. Listening and absorbing information is a critical job skill that’s surprisingly difficult for some people to learn, particularly young workers who are used to being somewhat selfish. Moms already have it down.

3. Big-Picture Thinking
The ability of mothers to keep the big picture in focus while checking off the little things is unparalleled, and one that serves them well in business too.

4. Organizational Skills
Who’s better at organizing than moms? Time management is a critical aspect of organization and most moms are pretty darn good at physical organization, too. Moms are just built (or learn quickly) to arrange life better.

5. Networking Abilities
The old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is truer now than ever. Moms consistently coordinate with teachers, carpool participants, other moms, and even fellow kids and that kind of networking takes some serious communication skills. In business, the ability to seamlessly network and make ‘friends’ is one that serves moms well.

6. Dedication
Motherhood isn’t a profession and it’s not a calling. It’s a decision. Even the most tentative moms are loyal, reliable, and dedicated to their role as Mother and women are typically very successful at carrying over this trait into business.

So, how many moms are out there looking for a “night out”, “a chance to make some extra money”, “some me time” or maybe even the chance to have your own business.?  Direct sales is a great way to not only use your “mom” skills but also allows you the opportunity to make your own hours.  Thirty One is not just a “purse thing”, it is about building relationships and changing lives.  If you would like to know more about Thirty One and all it has to offer, contact me:

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