Hope Wissel

A Trip to the ER

How many of you sit with your legs crossed?  For me, this was a HUGE accomplishment.  As I was on my weight loss journey, the point when I could sit comfortably with my legs crossed was a MAJOR milestone.  For years, I yearned to cross my legs and not have to do the ankle to knee cross.  You know what I mean right?

Today, my huge accomplishment became part of my worst nightmare.  As I was sitting at my desk this morning, I uncrossed my legs when a sharp shooting pain shot from my lower back down my leg.  I kept right on working because I thought it would pass.  After about an hour of having about a 4 or 5 pain level, I attempted to go upstairs.  I did accomplish the task but it took a few minutes – first I tried to walk up then I hunched over and finally, I literally crawled up the steps.  My back hurt when I put pressure on my left foot.  My back hurt when I tried to walk.  UGH!  Pain level was now a 10!  I was due to leave for the periodontist for a check up so hubby’s solution – 6 ibuprofen.  It took a little but it finally kicked in and I was able to head out the door for my appointment.

Fast forward to about 4PM…Pain level is about 11!  Walking, sitting, standing – EVERYTHING HURT!!! Next stop ER at Ocean Medical.  Rob drops me off and goes to park the car.  As I hobble in, security asks – do you need the ER?  Was it that obvious as I limp, shuffle and grimace in pain?  Rob looked for a wheelchair but none were to be had.

Among all of the ice falls, I calmly tell the receptionist, I have NO IDEA what I did but I am in pain.  She was very sympathetic and tried to speed the process.  Triage nurse takes my blood pressure and looks a little concerned at the 103/50 so she quickly moves me to “express care”.  She wanted me to move quickly but my body was screaming “STOP”.  I shuffled across the hall and waited.

The PA asked all kinds of questions… then he asked me to lay down so he could do a few tests.  You know, lift your legs – PAIN.  Push on my hand – PAIN.  The end result – acute lumbar back pain.  UGH!  No offense, but I could have told them that when I walked in the door or at least tried to…

First round of meds done, dinner at the Chinese buffet and home to rest and relax.  I am not a good patient so being restricted is going to be tough.  As I have always said – this does NOT fit into my schedule.  Thankfully, my Thirty One party on Thursday night is online!

For those of you who suffer from chronic back pain (including my hubby), I feel for you.  I can’t imagine living with a pain level that is great than 5 or a regular basis.  Time for some more meds…

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!



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