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Recruiting New Leaders

 Thank you Tammy Stanley for reminding me that my goal of MY business is to to create the life and the world that I want for me and my family while at the same time helping those on my team to create the life and the world that THEY want for their family.

I LOVE this question, “how often do you put your focus on the result, for example getting a new recruit? If you only need two more people on your team to get that next promotion, it’s common to look at and go for that number – two recruits.” I mean I have been guilty of this, come on admit it – you have too.  Did you every think that every time you do that, you undermine the value you bring to others and the world?  WOW!  That was an eye opener.

Have you ever said something similar to any of the following:

  • Every time I try to recruit someone, they act really interested, but they don’t sign up
  • Every time I recruit someone new, I get all excited, but then they never end up doing anything
  • I get so tired of recruits who don’t do anything

The above thoughts or statements are all ways in which one generalizes and turns people into things, namely recruits that can’t or won’t perform.  The truth: No one really cares about doing a business; people care about living a life they love.  When you make strong generalizations and say things like “every time…” you remove possibility, and new experiences and new opportunities always spring from possibilities.

If you want to recruit strong leaders, give up thinking how you and/or others have been thinking about recruits, and look at them with new eyes. Seek to discover who they really are and what they’re truly passionate about.  

We all talk about our WHY and we always talk about helping our recruits find their WHY, right?  In the midst of reaching our own personal goals or that incentive trip we want so much – do we REALLY LISTEN?

Remember those little complaints that we talked about before..What if all those little, secret complaints you utter about recruits are not so little or so secret? Consider that they are not. What you secretly think about people really isn’t a secret.    What if the impression or aura or whatever you want to call it is felt by those who are THINKING about joining your team?  People respond accordingly, when you think of them as small with no drive or as extraordinary with a big desire to make a difference in the world.  

Imagine wearing a pair of glasses with the wrong prescription, but all the while you don’t even know that you are wearing glasses. You would believe that things look fuzzy because they are; you would not know that things only look fuzzy because you are wearing the wrong glasses.  What if the performance of recruits is fuzzy because so many of us in this industry see them that way? What if we limit what’s possible for them because we relate to them as things that are statistically predictable and disappointing?

Tammy issues this challenge which I am passing along – “My request is that you set aside the ideas and views you have about recruits. Spend a solid month (and then go for a solid year!) seeing them as big people with a huge desire to make a decided difference in the world. Take off those glasses with the wrong prescription and allow a whole new world to open up for both you and the people that join you in this business.

Share your thoughts on this…Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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