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Business Owner AND a JOB

Thank you to Vanessa Coppes for another AMAZING blog….Over the last few weeks, I have been struggling with having a part-time job.  My Thirty One business is booming but I want to pay down my credit card debt quicker than my bi-weekly commission checks is letting me.  MY solution, get a J.O.B. but I was worried about what “others” would think or say…

I have been working part-time at WaWa and I LOVE it.  They allow me to take off when I need to for my Thirty One business AND they are flexible to MY schedule.  I mean when they hired me – it was on MY terms.  Who could ask for more, right?  The best part is that I get to connect with current Thirty One customers and potential customers with my “you have been spotted cards”.  The General Manager, Christine, totally understands that my Thirty One business is MY PRIORITY and as long as it doesn’t interrupt the flow of customers, I get to hand out my business cards to potential customers.  I know, you are wondering “WHY would you consider leaving, right?”  The truth is, I thought the “grass would be greener” in another J.O.B.!!!

I had a God-moment the other day after a stress-filled weekend.  I prayed on it and spent a lot of talking to hubby AND I LISTENED for a change.  Usually, I am defensive and stubborn but this time – I LISTENED.  I realized that hubby is 100% supportive of my Thirty One business.  My need to pay off debt faster requires some additional cash and WAWA provides it.  It is a no-brainer job.  Okay, NO HATE mail, please.  All I mean is that I can go to work, put in my hours and go HOME without any thought of WAWA.    For a former workaholic, this is AWESOME!  When I come home, I am a self-employed Thirty One Independent Director.  I LOVE IT.  It works for me.

Vanessa said “It was the kind of job that allowed me to meet women, everyday, with disposable income who wanted to look and feel their best. What’s that? Yeah, my target market.”  I realized that WAWA customers are my target market.  The women that I meet at WAWA are usually between 20 – 50 years of age, busy women who need to grab and go, who like fun, fashionable and affordable products and may have limited disposable income.  These are the women who have home parties to earn FREE products.  These are the women who want some extra income and to get out a few nights a month.  These are the women who need to have a night out with friends. These are MU customers. BINGO!!!

So, no more will I cower when I say that I work at WAWA.  No more will I worry about what people think.  It is a J.O.B. that helps me achieve financial freedom, reach my target market, have fun (yes, I do have fun), is FLEXIBLE to me plus I get to go home at the end of the night with NO more thought about what is happening at work.  Does it mean that my Thirty One business is on the rocks?  NO!  I am a successful entrepreneur who just happens to work part-time.

As Vanessa would say, “Everything happens for a reason”.  Share your thoughts….

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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