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Hostess Coaching

Happy Monday!  Have you ever wondered how some consultants get HUGE parties while others get just the average?  You probably figure – their lucky or there were a lot of people there or they know how to sell and I am not good at that.  Maybe you haven’t said it out loud but I am sure that at some point, we have all thought those things.
The truth is – HOSTESS COACHING is CRITICAL to getting your party attendance UP and your sales UP.  In direct sales, we hear it all of the time – “hostess coaching is the backbone of our business”.  I mean we are in the party plan business right so if we NEED to get the hostess PUMPED UP!
The First 48 Hours ARE “life or death” as far as I am concerned.  Within 48 hours of the hostess booking her party, I reach out to her to confirm dates, encourage her to make her wish list, set a date to receive the guest list.  I ALWAYS send a Thank You postcard for the booking. I mean who doesn’t like to get HAPPY MAIL.  I also send an email.  Why so many different ways?  Every hostess will communicate differently so I hit them with all kinds of media.
The Second Call is at minimum of 3 days after the first call.   If you had to mail a hostess packet you want to ensure that enough time has passed for the hostess to have received that before receiving this call.  In this call you will want to cover the following topics with your hostess:  Status of the guest list (I mail invitations for my hostess), discuss collecting outside orders, and help the hostess finish her wish list.  By having the wish list ahead of time, you have a chance to coach your hostess on party goals that we get her the MOST product for FREE.  Let your hostess know you are available at any time for questions and that otherwise you will contact her the day before her party.
Two days before the guest list is due, I send a reminder email called “Are you ready for your Party?”.  It has a few tips on keeping the party simple ensure that this is truly a “girl’s night out” instead of stressful night of having company at their house.  I encourage the hostess to invite EVERYONE they know – I do email invites as well as snail mail for those who don’t do email.
The Final Call is made two or three days prior to the party.  This is where you get a final head count so that you have enough supplies, confirm time and location of the party.  When I get a head count from the hostess, I try to find out a little bit about each of the guests coming so that I can be prepared to share products that will be beneficial to them.
I also encourage a Facebook Event be set up (either by me or the hostess) so that I can encourage people to attend the party by posting pictures of simple solutions to every day challenges.  It also helps people who are not attending to get some visuals of the products and encourages online ordering.
You and your hostess are PARTNERS.  Her success is your success.  What are you best hostess coaching tips?
Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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