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A customer is a person who purchases goods or services from another.  Basic right?  Take a moment and think about how you shop… Do you go to the store with the best sales?  Do you buy the same product, time and again – why?  Are you willing to travel to a store just because you like the service they provide?  Are you faithful to one store?  One direct sales consultant?  In direct sales, we sometimes joke and ask customers if they are “married” to their consultant.  Why?  Their answer will tell us how faithful they are to that consultant.
Rhonda Abrams wrote an article that talked about “Getting and keeping customers is like any relationship. It takes courtship, commitment, and ongoing communication to keep the spark alive.”  I liked how she talked about the stages of building a relationship with your customers.

Stage 1: “Find somebody to love.”

  • Show up. Be visible with your product.  Use it, wear it, display it!
  • Look good. Do you have a website?  If your company offers one, even at a minimal charge – GET IT!
  • Be social. Facebook? Pinterest? Twitter? Instagram? LinkedIn?  There are so many to choose from – pick the one or ones that work best for YOU!
  • Be interesting. Share your expertise. It isn’t all about the product.  You have experience and ideas, tidbits of information to share – let people get to know YOU.
  • Keep at it. Market, market, market. Customers don’t just show up; you have to continually court them.

Stage 2: “You had me at hello.”

  • Get personal.  Customers need to sense a personal connection with you. Help them get to know you — and try to get to know them.
  • Mind your manners. Be polite. Smile. Learn customers’ names. Say thank you – a lot. Remember, your customers want to feel they are being treated like people, not dollar signs.
  • Know what you’re talking about. Understand your products and policies and be able to answer customers’ questions quickly and thoroughly.

Stage 3: Get them to say “I do.”

  • Be honest. If you don’t have something that will meet their needs – tell them.  If you don’t know – tell them then find out and get back to the quickly.
  • Price fairly. In direct sales, our products already come priced so even if you aren’t the cheapest option, you have to be a realistic choice.
  • Provide something customers will be glad they bought. Always deliver quality, and you’ll increase customer satisfaction and garner rave reviews.  I LOVE when someone has a Thirty One product and can sing its praises.
  • Let them in. My business is an open book for my customers – who knows they could be my next recruit.

Stage 4: “Our love is here to stay.”

  • Add a special touch. When I deliver packages to a hostess, the orders are bagged and tagged with a thank you note.  I do lots of snail mail cards, etc just to let my customers know that I care.
  • Go the extra mile. Exceed expectations; give a little extra. I offer referral gifts for  individuals who refer someone to my team – not when they qualify but when they join. The thank you is for getting them to the door, and then it is my job to get them qualified and keep them on my team.
  • Use a good customer relationship management system. Honestly, I haven’t found the best system.  Thirty One’s back office does some of this but I have resorted to paper and a tickler file AGAIN!  It allows me to stay in touch on a more personal basis with my customers.
  • Show them a good time. Host holiday events and open houses.  This is one of my customers favorite things.  My condo has become too cramped now so it is time to find and move to a larger space.
  • Be loyal. Give customers good customer service and they will continue to keep coming back.

So, are all four stages a part of  YOUR business?  Are customers jumping ship to go to a different consultant?  Do they “just shop at parties”?  Keep your customers coming back to you and continue to grow your business.  I would love to hear your thoughts…. Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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