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Blogging Made Easy

As I come up on the one year anniversary of my blog, I thought I would share some tips that I have gathered along the way.  Today’s information comes from SCORE.

Have you thought about blogging?  Maybe you have even started one, if so, are you committed? Is it the last thing on your to do list or the first thing?
Well, if you don’t have a schedule for your blog and it is the last thing on your to do list… maybe you are just like that surge of people who show up in January at the gym with a goal to work out – a tourist!  SMACK!  Maybe someone in marketing told you that it was “the must” thing to do.  Maybe you were challenged (thank you Vanessa Coppes).  The truth is just like anything else we do – without a commitment,  it will fail.
Did you know that a blog could – Increase your search engine visibility?  Establish your credibility?  Maybe even jumpstart your business?  Or provide you with new leads?  Here is a plan that could help you NOT be a tourist in the world of blogging:

Write Three Posts a Week… I write every day because I love to write.  I save drafts of thoughts so that I can come back to them and actually write my blog.  You can begin by writing three times a week.  Schedule recurring blocks of time in your calendar so “urgent” but less important items don’t prevent.  Posts can be of varying lengths and varying styles. Numbered lists, how-to articles and commentary on your or your customers’ industries are proven winners.  Estimated Time: Two hours/week.

Leave Two Comments a Week…I try to do this on the blogs that I follow but I am not very purposeful.  The comments you leave on other blogs create links back to your own blog. Although comment links rarely carry any search engine benefit, intelligent comments will attract notice from the blog owner and his or her readers, driving qualified leads to your own blog.  Estimated Time: One to two hours/week, including reading time.

Blog Popular Search Terms.. I use WordPress as well as the “trend news” on Facebook.  Just make sure the topic is relevant to your business; while more visitors are nice, the goal here is to get prospects reading your blog. Working an American Idol reference into your blog on global commodities trading probably won’t bring you a lot of repeat visitors.  Estimated Time: Two minutes/post.

Make It Easy for People Subscribe & Share..I am always surprised when I get new followers on my blog.  It means  that people are actually reading and sharing it.  My blog is linked to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  Giving readers the ability to add your post to social networking sites with a single click increases the chance that they’ll spread the word about your blog.  Estimated Time: Less than one hour of setup time when you start your blog.

So, what is YOUR goal when it comes to blogging?  A regularly updated, narrowly focused blog is a powerful magnet for search engines, new business, and journalists looking to speak with an industry expert.  By dedicating the time necessary to building a strong blog, you’ll have your investment returned to you a hundred times over in search engine visibility, new prospects and lower customer acquisition costs.

Who is ready to blog?  Already have one… share your link below and then share mine too with your friends.

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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