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Your Own Worst Enemy

I had an interesting conversation with hubby the other morning as we were talking about my NEW Thirty One goal.  It was month end, team numbers were off the charts, I have someone on my team promoting and all seems to be on target for moving up the Thirty One ladder of leadership.  SMACK!  I hit a wall.  Okay, not literally but maybe that would finally get the message into my head.

raise the rent

This quote by Zig Ziglar popped into my head.  I have one or two of these negative people on my team  and YES, I let them rent space.  When I told hubby this, his response was “WHY?”.  I had to laugh – I don’t know why.  Then I read this article about being “your own worst enemy” by Brian Foster.  I just wish I could remember where I read it online so you could read the whole thing….

Motivation is a funny thing, and far too often the reason you don’t move forward or succeed on something you badly desire is because you get in your own way. Why do you get in your own way and self sabotage when you clearly want something?

Here are Brian’s three ways to tell if you are getting in your own way:

  1. The need to look good or to be right.  This is definitely not my problem or maybe it is.  We are afraid we may not get it right, so we work it and work it until the opportunity is gone. Results? Missed opportunities and bank accounts that don’t grow. Solutions?  We’ve all heard “done is better than perfect” and when it comes to your business getting attention, you’ve got to STOP trying to be perfect and START finishing things that get you noticed!  
  2. The head in the sand syndrome.  There’s an excuse given for every little thing that does not go their way. Can’t exercise? Someone keeping them to busy. Can’t work on their action plan? Someone needed them badly and they could not let them down. Excuses are a way of letting yourself off the hook, but they only hurt the person making them.  SOLUTION? Make promises to yourself and others ONLY if you can keep them, then do just that!
  3. The fear of saying “hell yes” to ourselves and accepting joy, prosperity, happiness and success. FEAR  of success and of not being as good as someone else.  YUP!  I get in my own way.  Hubby says this is probably my biggest thing.  He said he can see me in HS (yes, we have known each other that long) not getting accepted by a certain group of people and as a result, stepping back and letting others shine. Fast forward to “adult” Hope and what do you get – a people pleaser who lets people push her buttons (that I didn’t even know I had)

So step up to the plate, tell your other self that likes to hold you back to step aside, and shine your light in a way that is a beacon to others and gets you noticed! How have you stepped aside so you can be your very best??

Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!


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