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What is YOUR Target Market

I don’t know about you but I sometimes have a hard time defining my “target market”.  There are days when I think “I got this”. Then monthly sales aren’t as high or my target market are NOT the guests at the next party.  So maybe it is time to re-think this or at least try to get a better understanding of all of this “psychographics”.

Vanessa Coppes comes through again with yet another blog that makes me THINK!  I mean I didn’t even know that there was a term for this or that I needed to know who my target market was.  I am in direct sales, so doesn’t everyone LOVE my product or at least something in my catalog.

Here is what she says: Psychographics is an important and often little understood area of market research. They are primarily attitudes and values that define and influence lifestyles and purchasing patterns.  Considered the real driver in consumer marketing today, psychographics, is about what activities people do. It is all about lifestyle, and what people do with their disposable income.

Really, I just LOVE to share Thirty One’s catalog with everyone and almost expect them to find something.  I mean who could resist such cute, fun, fashionable and did I mention affordable products.  The truth is what Vanessa talks about goes along what hubby has been asking when I talk about an upcoming event or a show.  UGH!  Does that mean that I have to admit he is RIGHT!  OH NO!!!!!!

So, here are some questions to ask yourself about your customer:

Do they belong to Professional Organizations/Charities?
What is their profession?
What are their weekend Activities?
What are their dining preferences?
What are they reading?
What are their sources of entertainment?
Were do they shop?
Which websites do they visit?
Where do they travel for vacation? How often?
What do they watch on TV?
What electronics do they use?
What type of car do they drive?

WOW!  I LOVE these questions.  It is a great way to get to know my customers.  I think it is time to start incorporating some of these kinds of questions into my full-service checkout or even when I do my pink bag calls.  What great conversation starters or a great way to really get to know my customers.  I think I will ask one question each time I talk to a guest to see if I can come up with my target market.  I THINK I know what it is but you never know, I could be WRONG!

Knowing my target market will also help me to pick vendor events that will attract my target market.  Novel concept, right?  The question is “Do you know who you serve?”.  Share with us who YOUR target market is.

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